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Canon C100 to get pricey Dual Pixel CMOS AF support next year


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Canon has announced that EOS C100 users will be able to ship their camcorder to the company in order to enable support for the EOS 70D-like Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

Canon has impressed earlier this year with the launch of the Dual Pixel CMOS AF-powered EOS 70D. This technology allows the camera to focus a lot faster in Live View mode.

canon-c100 Canon C100 to get pricey Dual Pixel CMOS AF support next year News and Reviews

Canon C100 will be eligible for a pricey service upgrade as of February 2014 – an upgrade that will bring Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology coming to the Canon C100

It is certainly a useful feature, as photographers know that using the LCD screen slows down the AF system. Well, these problems are nowhere to be found in the 70D and it seems like another camera is getting it: the EOS C100.

The company’s entry-level Cinema Camera needs to be shipped to Canon in order to become compatible with Dual Pixel CMOS AF. Additionally, users will need to pay $500 for this feature, as they cannot upgrade it manually.

Create professional-like documentaries easier using this amazing AF system

Canon says that the upgrade is well worth it as the new autofocus technology will improve the efficiency of focusing on subjects in motion.

Furthermore, the AF system will be a lot smoother, therefore allowing users to create artistic documentaries. The company says that sports and wildlife videographers will be particularly interested in the upgrade, as they will be able to create pro-level videos on the cheap.

Canon C100 is compatible with more than 100 EF lenses

People who record videos are usually relying on manual focus. The reason is pretty straightforward as the users do not want to risk for the subject to fall out of focus. However, Canon’s new technology provides an impressive continuous AF feature that also decreases blur.

The Canon C100 camera is compatible with all EF-mount lenses, now reaching more than 100 units, thus allowing users to get really creative.

Send your EOS C100 to Canon, pay $500, and get Dual Pixel CMOS AF

The company is claiming that the “rollout” will begin sometime in February 2014. As stated above, potential users will have to pay $500 then have it shipped to a Canon service, where the upgrade will be performed.

Some people will probably say that adding Dual Pixel CMOS AF is pretty expensive, as the camera itself already has a hefty price tag. It is very unlikely that the upgrade price will be dropped, but what is certain is that the C100 now costs $5,449 at Amazon, so it remains to be seen whether Canon is reducing the costs or not.

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