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Canon C200 and Canon C400 4K cameras coming at NAB Show 2014


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The Canon EOS C200 and Canon EOS C400 Cinema cameras are rumored to be unveiled during the NAB Show 2014 taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada in early April.

Sources familiar with Canon’s business have repeatedly said that the company is working on new Cinema EOS products that will be announced at the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2014.

A couple of Canon camcorders have been rumored to be among the products coming at the Las Vegas, Nevada event taking place at the beginning of April. However, highly-trusted sources have contradicted the previous claims, saying that the Japanese company is not planning to unveil any new cameras for NAB Show 2014.

These claims have not represented the end of the rumors and another source is back with some exciting information. According to Daniel Schweinert, Canon will launch a couple of 4K video recording camcorders, the C200 and C400.

Photographer claims that Canon C200 and C400 4K cameras will be announced at NAB Show 2014

canon-eos-c100 Canon C200 and Canon C400 4K cameras coming at NAB Show 2014 Rumors

Canon EOS C100 is rumored to be replaced by the C200, while the EOS C300 might be succeeded by the C400 at NAB Show 2014, source says.

Daniel Schweinert is a German photographer, director of photography, and cinematographer who is claiming that the Canon EOS C200 and Canon EOS C400 will be introduced at the NAB Show 2014.

The former will be an entry-level model, possibly replacing the EOS C100, while the latter will be a semi-professional model, likely to succeed the EOS C300.

Both cameras will be able to record videos at 4K resolution, a trait that is not available in their predecessors; only the EOS C500 and EOS 1D C can capture 4K footage.

Canon may only announce the development of the Cinema EOS duo

For the time being, it would be impossible to give a verdict, although it is hard to believe that someone like Daniel Schweinert would release false information over the internet.

It could be an April’s Fools prank or the Japanese company could announce only the development of the two camcorders.

Nevertheless, the Canon C200 and Canon C400 might become official on April 5, while the NAB Show visitors might be able to check the cameras out in person as of April 7. Either way, we should not rule out any possibility and we should wait for more information.

New Canon Cinema lens could join the two 4K camcorders

As for the usual sources, they are claiming that a novel Canon Cinema lens will be launched during the aforementioned event in April.

The focal length and aperture of the lens remain unknown. There are only a few days left until the NAB Show 2014 and it is very likely that we will receive more details so stay tuned!

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