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Canon C300 Mark II to be capable of recording 4K videos


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Canon will announce a new Cinema EOS camcorder before the start of the NAB Show 2015 in the body of the C300 Mark II, which will be capable of recording 4K videos.

The Cinema EOS line-up has recently been enriched with the C100 Mark II, an entry-level camcorder that replaces the C100. Canon is expected to release more Cinema EOS cameras within the following months, including replacements for all other members of the Cinema EOS series.

As the whole world is waiting for the 1D C, C300, and C500 follow-ups, the rumor mill is claiming that the company’s fans should be looking forward to a lot of “4K” support.

These words are once again repeated by multiple sources, who are claiming that the Canon C300 Mark II will capture movies at a maximum resolution of 4K pixels.

canon-c300 Canon C300 Mark II to be capable of recording 4K videos Rumors

Canon C300 will be replaced by a Mark II version, which will be a major upgrade with 4K video recording support.

Canon C300 Mark II coming before or during the NAB Show 2015

Canon will allegedly introduce several new Cinema EOS shooters during the beginning of 2015. The next model to show up could be the replacement for the EOS C300.

Since the EOS C100 successor has been called EOS C100 Mark II, then we can speculate that the C300 replacement will be referred to as Canon C300 Mark II.

The camcorder will definitely be ready for the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2015, which takes places in early April, and it could become official prior to the start of this event.

The upcoming Cinema EOS camcorder will record 4K videos

Sources are claiming that the Canon C300 Mark II specs list will include 4K video recording. This rumor falls in line with previous information that we have heard through the grapevine, so it would be a major surprise if this turned out to be false.

Furthermore, the Japan-based company will provide further enhancements to this shooter, ones that will make this an even “bigger upgrade” when compared to the situation of the C100 Mark II. The new camera is offering a few improvements over its predecessor, such as WiFi, full Dual Pixel CMOS AF, and higher ISO.

Canon to release a shoulder-mount camcorder to compete against ARRI

The Cinema EOS series will probably get an EOS C500 Mark II, too, but it remains to be seen whether it will be ready for the NAB Show 2014 or not.

Beside these two shooters, it appears that Canon is developing a shoulder-mount camcorder, which will be capable of competing against ARRI Alexa cameras.

The NAB Show 2015 would be a great event for this camera to show up. However, the release date of the camera could be delayed until after the event. Stay tuned, more details are coming soon!

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