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Canon C500 Mark II coming at NAB Show 2015, too


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Canon is now rumored to bring the EOS C500 Mark II camcorder at the NAB Show 2015, following rumors that both the EOS C300 Mark II and the EOS C700x are coming at the event.

The NAB Show 2015 is expected to be one of the most exciting editions of this event for Canon fans, as the Japan-based company is expected to reveal multiple products.

The event begins on April 11, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Canon stand will be filled with 4K video recording goodies. After the C300 Mark II and C700x rumors, the C500 Mark II gossip talks have begun to surface.

This camcorder has been previously believed to become official in 2015, most likely around the 2015 edition of the NAB Show. Trusted sources are reporting that this information is correct and that the device is definitely coming at the Las Vegas-based event.

canon-eos-c500-successor-rumors Canon C500 Mark II coming at NAB Show 2015, too Rumors

Canon EOS C500 will be replaced by the C500 Mark II at NAB Show 2015 this April.

Canon C500 Mark II to be unveiled at the NAB Show 2015 with 4K video recording support

After replacing the C100 with the C100 Mark II in late 2014, Canon is preparing to substitute the C300 and the C500 with the C300 Mark II and C500 Mark II, respectively.

Rumors about the former have revealed that the Cinema EOS camcorder will record 4K videos. Now, the Canon C500 Mark II rumors state a similar fact, including the announcement date, which is set to take place at the NAB Show 2015.

The EOS C500 has gained 4K video recording capabilities, so its replacement will also be capture such high-resolution footage. The C500 and the 1D C are the only Cinema EOS models that can shoot 4K movies.

First Cinema EOS camera with a global shutter, called EOS C700x, could become official soon

Beside the Canon C500 Mark II and the C300 Mark II, the Japanese manufacturer might bring the EOS C700x at this major event next April. The camcorder has been leaked recently with the claim that it will capture footage at 4K resolution.

The device will feature an 8.85-megapixel sensor that is bigger than those in the Super 35mm units, but smaller than those in the full frame ones. This is why Canon is also rumored to reveal new EFx Cine-series lenses, as they need to cover larger image sensors.

The C700x is said to be the first Cinema EOS model to come packed with a global shutter instead of a rolling shutter. This way, the sensor will capture the entire frame at the same time, instead of doing so in horizontal or vertical steps.

Nevertheless, there is still plenty of time until the event, therefore it would be unwise to draw any conclusions for now. Stick with us for more details!

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