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Canon C700x leaked as a 4K camera with a global shutter


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Canon will allegedly announce the EOS C700x soon, a Cinema EOS camera with a global shutter that is capable of capturing videos at 4K resolution.

The National Association of Broadcasters Show 2015 (NAB Show) is approaching fast and we will see lots of camcorders being unveiled in the near future. The event opens its doors on April 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Canon is expected to reveal new models, including the EOS C300 Mark II, which will record 4K videos. However, it appears that the company is planning to bring global shutter to its Cinema EOS line-up, courtesy of a camera called EOS C700x.

The specs of this device have just showed up on the web ahead of its purported NAB Show 2015 announcement.

canon-c700x-leaked Canon C700x leaked as a 4K camera with a global shutter Rumors

This is the leaked Canon C700x camcorder, which is said to record 4K videos and to come packed with a global shutter.

Canon C700x poised to become the first Cinema EOS camera with a global shutter

Canon will finally add a global shutter camera to its Cinema EOS line-up. An unnamed source has leaked a photo of an alleged C700x camcorder, which employs a global shutter, as opposed to a rolling shutter.

This means that the device will capture photos and videos by reading the entire frame at the same time. This is opposed to a rolling shutter, which reads the frames in steps. The shutter will read the frame vertically or horizontally.

The global shutter is not affected by “rolling shutter effect” or other motion artifacts. This will definitely be welcomed by videographers, albeit there is a chance that the camcorder will be rather expensive.

Larger sensor to be added into the Canon C700x, which also records 4K videos

The Canon C700x specs list includes an 8.85-megapixel CMOS sensor measuring 34.2 x 18mm with a 8.2-micron pixel pitch. It will record 4K videos at 10-bit MPEG-2 Long GOP compression rate and 4:4:4 color space.

The camcorder will be powered by a DIGIC DV IIIa image processor and it offers a GPS unit and a MEMS orientation sensor, whose details will be embedded in the metadata.

According to the leakster, the metadata will also include information such as date, clock, elapsed time, SMPTE timecode, focus, zoom, ISO, Iris, shot number, and scene number.

New “Cine” prime lenses to start showing up by the end of 2015

The leaked photo of the Canon C700x and its specs says that the EFx lens series will need to be revamped, as the sensor is 130% larger than the Super 35mm sensors found in other Cinema EOS camcorders.

It is reported that new prime lenses will be released in late 2015 and early 2016, while new zoom lenses will become available in mid-2016 and late 2016.

The NAB Show 2015 is on its way soon, which means that we will find out whether this information is accurate or not in the near future. In the meantime, take this with a pinch of salt.

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