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Canon Cinema EOS C700 set for 2016 announcement


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Canon will allegedly introduce a new Cinema EOS-series camera that is not the C500 Mark II, instead being a higher-end C700 that will compete against ARRI camcorders.

The National Association of Broadcasters 2016 was supposed to bring us the next-generation Cinema EOS flagship, called C500 Mark II. However, Canon did not unveil this device, nor did it reveal a cinema version of the recently-released EOS 1D X Mark II.

Despite these setbacks, trusted sources are claiming that the Japan-based company is preparing to add a new unit to this line-up. The product in question is rumored to be Canon Cinema EOS C700, which will take on the ARRI camcorders when it becomes available.

Canon allegedly working on a Cinema EOS C700 camcorder to rival ARRI

It is a bit early to talk about the camcorder, especially considering the level of secrecy around the project. Nevertheless, sources say that the device is being referred to as C1 and that it will be placed above the C500 series.

canon-cinema-eos-c700-rumors Canon Cinema EOS C700 set for 2016 announcement Rumors

The Canon Cinema EOS series is about to get bigger as a C700 camcorder is rumored to in the works.

The most likely name will be Canon Cinema EOS C700 in order to maintain the current naming scheme. As for the specs, the image sensor will consist of a Super 35mm unit of unknown megapixel count.

This sensor will be capable of delivering a 15-stop dynamic range, which is something that the Cinema EOS C300 Mark II is already offering. This mid-level shooter also does 4K video recording, but the upcoming C700 will offer a higher-than-4K resolution.

For the time being, the source has not mentioned whether the camera shoots 6K or 8K footage, therefore it is best to refrain from commenting on this one. Additionally, the design will not resemble the current line-up, while users will get a shoulder mount.

Canon Cinema EOS C700 rumored to become official before IBC Expo 2016

Beside Photokina, there is another big digital imaging event taking place in September 2016. It is the International Broadcasting Conversion and it takes place in Amsterdam between September 8 and September 13.

Canon Cinema EOS C700 is rumored to be unveiled during the first week of September in order to be ready for IBC Expo 2016. The price is said to stand somewhere above the $30,000 mark, while the release date has not been confirmed.

When it becomes official, the camcorder will be able to handle anamorphic lenses. It is doubtful that Zeiss’ Master Anamorphic lenses will work, so Canon will likely build its own. Take it all with a pinch of salt, but keep an eye on Camyx to find out how this story unfolds.

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