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Canon cloud-based image sharing service to be announced on August 21


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Canon will not launch any new hardware-related products at the August 21 event, as the camera maker is actually preparing to launch its own cloud-based image sharing website.

Canon has been rumored to launch new cameras and lenses during an event scheduled for August 21. Although photographers are expecting the EOS 7D Mark II, 75-megapixel camera, or even new PowerShots, the company will launch a cloud-based image sharing service.

canon-august-21-event Canon cloud-based image sharing service to be announced on August 21 Rumors

A leaked invitation for the Canon August 21 event. According to the rumor mill, the camera maker will launch a cloud-based image sharing service, which is currently housed by the Project 1709 website.

Canon “Project 1709” cloud-based image sharing service to shed beta status on August 21

The most recent rumor contradicts everything that was previously speculated regarding the August 21 event. There will not be a new DSLR and not even a new PowerShot camera. However, photographers will get the chance of uploading their images to a novel cloud-based photo sharing website.

Canon’s idea is currently called Project 1709. It is an invitation-only site where users can back their photos in the cloud. The August 21 event will also be invitation-only, but it will mark the project’s exit out of the beta status.

Canon even says that we will hear more about Project 1709 “soon”

The Japanese company says that photo management will be taken to the next level with the help of Project 1709. Additionally, Canon uses the website to claim that it will tell us more “soon”. In this case, soon means August 21.

August 21 can be considered “soon” therefore Nikon’s Image Space might get a worthy competitor before long. However, it remains to be seen whether the camera maker will keep the Project 1709 tag or choose a more “marketable” one.

Unfortunately, the rumor mill does not say how much storage space will be provided, but photographers should get at least a couple of gigabytes in order to make sure that Canon’s service is competitive.

Invitation to the August 21 event has already been leaked

It is worth noting that the rumor is backed up by a leaked invitation. The invite features some clouds at its top and bottom, so a cloud-based image sharing service would make a lot of sense.

Either way, Canon fans can afford to dream, especially considering the fact that plenty of cameras and lenses are rumored to be unveiled in the near future. Until then, stay tuned as more details should be revealed by August 21.

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