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Canon CN-E 12-32mm T3.5 LS lens patented for Super 35mm cameras


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Canon has patented two new cine lenses in the bodies of the CN-E 12-32mm T3.5 LS and CN-E 15.5-47mm T2.8 LS zoom optics designed for Super 35mm sensors.

The National Association of Broadcasters Show 2015 is approaching. The event will take place as of April 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada and we will get to see the latest technologies from the videography sector.

One of the companies that is expected to reveal multiple products is Canon. The Japan-based manufacturer will introduce the C300 Mark II and C500 Mark II camcorders and both of them will be capable of shooting videos at 4K resolution.

Beside these two devices, the company will also show up with at least one new cine lens of unknown focal length and maximum aperture. In the meantime, the company has patented a couple of wide-angle zoom lenses for cameras with Super 35mm image sensors.

canon-cn-e-12-32mm-t3.5-ls-patent Canon CN-E 12-32mm T3.5 LS lens patented for Super 35mm cameras Rumors

This is the internal design of the Canon CN-E 12-32mm T3.5 LS lens, as described in its patent application.

Canon CN-E 12-32mm T3.5 LS lens patent leaked in Japan

Canon is working on a 12-32mm cine lens with a maximum aperture of T3.5, which will be constant throughout the zoom range. This is a fairly bright aperture, which will make sure that subjects will be properly lit even in low-light environments.

There are multiple variations of this product available in the patent description. However, it seems like the internal design will be based on 18 elements divided into 13 groups. A version with 18 elements in 14 groups is displayed, too, so it is unclear what format will be chosen by the company in the end.

The Canon CN-E 12-32mm T3.5 LS lens patent was filed on August 8, 2013 and it was approved on February 19, 2015. Although we should not rule out such possibility, this lens has low chances of showing up at NAB Show 2015 this April.

canon-cn-e-15.5-47mm-t2.8-ls-patent Canon CN-E 12-32mm T3.5 LS lens patented for Super 35mm cameras Rumors

Canon CN-E 15.5-47mm T2.8 LS lens has been patented for Super 35mm cameras.

CN-E 15.5-47mm T2.8 LS is another cine lens patented by Canon

The second lens mentioned in the patent consists of the CN-E 15.5-47mm T2.8 LS lens. This optic is also designed by Canon for Super 35mm camcorders to offer a constant maximum aperture through the entire focal range. However, the aperture is brighter, standing at T2.8, which is even better for low-light videography purposes.

Its internal design is fairly similar to that of the Canon CN-E 12-32mm T3.5 LS lens, as it employs between 16 and 19 elements divided into 13 to 14 groups.

Just like its sibling, the CN-E 15.5-47mm T2.8 LS lens has little chances of being unveiled during the upcoming Las Vegas show, so do not hold your breath over it. Meanwhile, stick with us for more rumors!

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