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Canon adding DIGIC 7 processor into 5DX and 1D X Mark II


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The upcoming Canon 5DX and 1D X Mark II DSLR cameras are rumored to be powered by DIGIC 7 image processing technology in order to offer faster frame rates among others.

Canon cameras are often mentioned in gossip talks as there are plenty of them in development and they will be announced by the end of this year or early in 2016.

As not a single week goes by without rumors about EOS-series DSLRs, we will start this week with information about Canon’s newest image processing technology called DIGIC 7.

The new processor is rumored to be ready, so it will find its way into next-gen EOS shooters. According to a trusted source, both the 5DX (5D Mark III replacement) and the 1D X Mark II will be powered by DIGIC 7 processors.

canon-5d-mark-iii-replacement Canon adding DIGIC 7 processor into 5DX and 1D X Mark II Rumors

Canon will replace both the 5D Mark III (pictured here) and the 1D X with new DSLRs by early 2016. The two cameras are said to be powered by DIGIC 7 processors.

DIGIC 7 processing engine to power both Canon 5DX and 1D X Mark II DSLRs

The DIGIC 7 image processor will be based on quad-core architecture, says the source. Moreover, the CPU will be capable of delivering four times the processing power of the previous generation.

An increase in power is necessary due to a bigger amount of megapixels in the bodies where it will be added. This comes as a confirmation that both the 5DX and 1D X Mark II will have higher-megapixel sensors than their predecessors, just like the rumor mill has already confirmed.

Another thing mentioned in the rumors revolves around the frame rate of the two DSLRs. It seems like both of them will offer more frames per second in continuous shooting mode, another fact already confirmed by trusted sources.

Overall, it appears that the new DIGIC 7 will be better and faster than anything that is available in current digital cameras. Its power is said to be equivalent to the technology offered by laptops from a few years ago.

Canon 1D X Mark II to feature larger battery than its predecessor

The Canon 5DX and 1D X Mark II specs lists can be updated a bit. The same source states that the 5D Mark III replacement will have only one DIGIC 7 processor and the same battery as its predecessor.

On the other hand, the 1D X successor will have dual DIGIC 7 processors as well as a DIGIC 6 processor. The latter will be used by the metering technology as well as by other systems in order to reduce the load on the DIGIC 7 CPUs.

Finally, the gossips say that Canon will put a bigger battery into the 1D X Mark II when compared to its forerunner. As usual, stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, the price of the 1D X has been decreased by about $700, which could mean that a replacement is nearing. The Canon 1D X is available for $4,599 at Amazon.

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