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Canon working on DSLR with 2.5K video recording global shutter


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Canon is rumored to announce a global shutter capable of recording videos at 2.5K resolution on one of its future DSLR cameras, while a medium format model will have to wait.

All digital camera makers are going through some rough times. The huge revenues from the years before the financial crisis are just distant dreams now. Sony is showing signs that it has clear plans about the future and the future looks really grim for Nikon.

Canon is not doing so well, but not too bad either. However, according to the rumor mill, the company will release some products that should raise the consumer interest to very high levels.

Beside the 7D replacement, the Japanese manufacturer is rumored to be working on a medium format camera. Source have previously said that the device will be unveiled at Photokina 2014.

Unfortunately, things have changed and it seems like we will not be seeing an MF shooter this fall and, quite possibly, not even by the end of 2014.

Canon DSLR camera with 2.5K video recording global shutter rumored to be in the works

canon-5d-mark-iii Canon working on DSLR with 2.5K video recording global shutter Rumors

Canon 5D Mark III is a DSLR camera with great video performance. However, it is still using a rolling shutter, just like most cameras with a CMOS sensor. It is rumored that Canon is working on a DSLR with a global shutter that will be capable of recording 2.5K videos.

The reason why the medium format camera is not coming soon is because Canon is busy with another project. Sources are reporting that a global shutter on a DSLR will be introduced in the near future, allowing the camera to record videos at 2.5K resolution.

This would represent yet another attempt from the Japanese manufacturer to provide amazing video features to the DSLR market. The EOS 5D Mark III is amazing in this department and the EOS 1D C is virtually an 1D X with enhanced features for movie production.

Furthermore, the EOS 70D comes with Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology that is aimed for use in Live View mode, especially when recording videos.

The next step seems to be a global shutter for 2.5K movie recording. It will become available for an unknown DSLR, probably one that has not been released on the market.

So why is this important for film-makers?

A rolling shutter acquires a shot by scanning the frame up and down, meaning that not all parts of a frame are captured at precisely the same time. The reason why this method is popular is because light gets through to the sensor even when capturing an image.

The problem is that this technique is not great for video purposes. If you have a moving object in the frame, then it will show up distorted in the image because the frame has not been exposed at the same time.

Thankfully, there is such a thing called a “global shutter” that exposes the whole frame at the same time. This prevents distortion effects, such as wobble, skew, and smear, found in cameras with rolling shutters.

It also means that fast-moving objects will not appear distorted in any way. As a result, the unknown Canon camera with a 2.5K video recording global shutter will be a great addition to the DSLR market.

All that is left for the rumor mill is to determine when the DSLR and the global shutter are coming and how much they cost. Stick with us for a while, as this information may be revealed in the near future.

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