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Canon E-TTL III causes 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II delays


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Canon may have chosen to delay both the 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II DSLR cameras in order to conduct further tests to the upcoming E-TTL III flash metering technology.

In early May 2015, the rumor mill revealed that Canon was working on a new flash system that was supposed to provide similar or even better capabilities than Nikon’s own technology. It will be called E-TTL III and it will be released sometime in 2016.

It appears that the new technology is more important to the company than first thought, as a source is suggesting that E-TTL III is the reason why both the 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II have been delayed.

canon-5d-mark-iii-and-1d-x Canon E-TTL III causes 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II delays Rumors

The successors to the Canon 5D Mark III and 1D X DSLRs may have been postponed due to the upcoming Canon E-TTL III flash technology, as the company wants to make sure that it works perfectly.

Canon E-TTL III flash system: the reason why the 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II have been delayed?

Two high-end Canon DSLRs are on their way: the 5D Mark IV and the 1D X Mark II. You may have heard gossip talks about them for a long time, so you may be wondering why the rumors are now stating that the cameras are likelier to come out in 2016 rather than 2015.

An insider is suggesting that the reason could consist of the upcoming Canon E-TTL III flash system. This technology is also rumored to be launched sometime in 2016 and to boast enough improvements to make Nikon users jealous.

The idea is that this flash metering technology will be added to both the 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II. Since they are top DSLRs, the company cannot afford any mistakes, meaning that the system must perform without any glitches.

The fans may be disappointed by the wait. However, Canon considers that they will forget about it once the cameras are out, while a flash metering fiasco will trigger a backlash. Nevertheless, this is just a rumor and we have to take it with a grain of salt.

Both 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II are likelier to be released in 2016 than in 2015

Canon is actively working on both the 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II DSLRs. Both of them are expected to show up by the end of 2015. However, the rumor mill has cast some doubt in recent times, as several sources have said that their release dates have been postponed until 2016.

When they do come to the market, they will employ different image sensors. When compared to their predecessors, the two DSLRs will offer more megapixels, new autofocus systems, quicker sensor readout speeds, and minor ergonomic changes among others.

The 1D X Mark II will become the flagship EOS camera, while the 5D Mark IV will provide multiple video enhancements, including 4K recording. We invite you to stay tuned for more details!

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