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Canon EF-M 600mm f/5.6 DO IS lens in development


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A Canon EF-M 600mm f/5.6 DO IS lens has been patented in Japan for the company’s EOS M mirrorless cameras with APS-C-sized image sensors.

People who are closely watching the digital imaging industry are waiting for Canon to reveal a full-frame mirrorless camera system to rival the Sony A7 line-up.

Recently, Canon has patented a 50mm f/3.5 IS macro optic, designed for FF MILCs. However, another patent has just surfaced and it describes an optic for MILCs with APS-C sensors.

The product consists of a Canon EF-M 600mm f/5.6 DO IS lens, which would probably be aimed at professional photographers. This could mean that a full-frame version may not be in the works, as a high-end APS-C model is on its way.

Canon EF-M 600mm f/5.6 DO IS lens patent spotted in Japan

The biggest camera and lens vendor in the world is looking to patent a super-telephoto prime lens in its home country. The optic will have a focal length of 600mm and a maximum aperture of f/5.6.

canon-ef-m-600mm-f5.6-do-is-lens-patent Canon EF-M 600mm f/5.6 DO IS lens in development Rumors

The internal design of the Canon EF-M 600mm f/5.6 DO IS lens.

As its name is showing, the Canon EF-M 600mm f/5.6 DO IS lens will come packed with built-in image stabilization technology. As usual, having IS at extreme focal lengths is always welcomed, as even the smallest trembles make things blurry at a full-frame focal length equivalent of about 960mm.

Another interesting thing about this product is the presence of Diffractive Optics technology. The DO system uses a special element that increases image quality, while reducing the size of a lens.

It is definitely welcomed as it will be released for a mirrorless camera, where size and weight matter a lot. However, it might be slapped with a hefty price tag, considering its capabilities. A high-end lens requires a high-end camera, so this means that a professional Canon mirrorless camera is in development, just like the rumor mill claimed on many occasions.

We have to admit that it is possible to see two high-end Canon MILCs: one with a full-frame sensor and another one with an APS-C unit. Even if this is the case, do not hold your breath over it, as it could happen years away from now.

Either way, the Canon EF-M 600mm f/5.6 DO IS lens patent has been filed on May 5, 2014 and has been published on December 3, 2015. Its internal configuration is not mentioned, but it looks like it has at least 15 elements split into eight groups.

As stated above, this is just a patent, therefore it would be unwise to draw conclusions upon seeing it. In the meantime, stay tuned for more rumors from the digital imaging industry!

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