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Canon EOS 3D camera allegedly spotted in China


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A picture of the alleged Canon EOS 3D has been leaked on the web, showing what it may well be the company’s upcoming high-megapixel camera.

Canon photographers are demanding the company to release a camera with a high number of megapixels. They want something to compete against the Nikon D800 / D800E and they cannot throw their lenses and other cameras away just to switch to another manufacturer.

canon-eos-3d-camera-rumor Canon EOS 3D camera allegedly spotted in China Rumors

The strap on the blurred Canon camera says “EOS 3D”. Is this the sought-after big megapixel shooter or is everything a hoax?

Canon EOS 3D camera’s cover given way by its own strap

The EOS maker has failed to deliver so far, but the rumor mill has information suggesting that the device is in the works, as well as under testing. It has been revealed that at least three different models are in the wild and that they are all powered by image sensors larger than 35-megapixel.

No important evidence has showed up on the web until now. However, times are changing and a picture has temporarily appeared on China’s microblogging platform, showing a man holding a couple of cameras, including a Canon one which has been blurred out.

Normally this would not be such a big deal, but the strap attached to the Canon camera says “EOS 3D”. The company has not made, nor announced an EOS 3D camera, meaning that this might be the rumored big megapixel shooter.

Straps are easily forged in China, so this isn’t the Canon big megapixel camera?

Such leaks seem pretty stupid, as the device is blurred, while its strap is not, or the person who triggered this new wave of rumors is plain wrong. China is well-known for companies and people making counterfeit products and these straps can be found almost anywhere in the Asian country, meaning that this one may be fake, as well.

The straps are not very hard to manufacture and a counterfeiter can customize the product with any writing. Still, this picture has appeared at the right moment, just when the rumors have intensified.

Canon fans can afford to dream while waiting for this fancy camera. Anyway, it is advisable to keep their spirits at regular levels, as it may take a while for Canon EOS 3D big megapixel shooter to show up on the market.

As stated above, be wary of the naming scheme, too. It is unlikely that Canon or any other digital camera maker will launch a device called 3D on the market. Stay tuned for more details!

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