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Canon EOS 3D DSLR to be announced in early 2015


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Canon will announce a high-resolution DSLR camera with a 50-megapixel full frame sensor sometime in early 2015, which could be called EOS 3D.

The big-megapixel race currently features Nikon and Sony at the forefront, while Canon is ignoring this part of the market. The users are very vocal when demanding such a device therefore the company can no longer delay the launch of a high-resolution EOS-series DSLR.

Trusted sources have mentioned the shooter a lot of times in the past, but it finally seems like their predictions will become true. The so-called Canon EOS 3D is in development and it will become official in early 2015, says the rumor mill.

canon-eos-3d-rumor Canon EOS 3D DSLR to be announced in early 2015 Rumors

There is still space between the 5D and 1D series. Canon will add the EOS 3D in that space sometime in 2015.

Canon allegedly working on a 50-megapixel full frame DSLR camera

The resolution of the Canon EOS 3D has varied over the past couple of years. The rumor mill has talked about different versions having values located within the 40-80-megapixel range.

Additionally, it has been said that the sensor could feature multiple pixel sheets from three to five. Well, it appears that the DSLR will actually employ a regular single-layer sensor with 50-megapixels.

Two versions of the Canon EOS 3D DSLR to be launched in early 2015

The source is also noting that we will see two versions of the same shooter. One of them will employ a sensor with an anti-aliasing filter, while the other one will not have an AA filter.

This is reminiscent of the Nikon D800/D800E situation. Nikon has ditched the AA filter completely in the D810 because it has not seen a purpose in it. However, Canon is probably aiming to test the consumer market before making any rush decisions.

Why is it called Canon EOS 3D?

A lot of people are wondering why the rumor mill has been referring this DSLR as the EOS 3D for such a long time, but the answer to that question is pretty straightforward.

At first, it was believed that the camera would serve as a replacement for the Canon 5D Mark III. However, the 5D Mark IV is real, it is not the same as the EOS 3D, and the fans would prefer that the company maintains the 5D series as it is. Nikon faced backlash from the users when the D700 did not receive a proper successor. The D750 is here and amends have been made.

Moreover, the camera will not become a flagship shooter, meaning that it will not replace the 1D X. In fact, it will be placed right between the 1D and 5D series, hence the 3D name.

Canon will reveal many new shooters at the beginning or in the first half of 2015. Stay tuned in order to keep up with the latest news!

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