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Sea & Sea announces Canon EOS 6D underwater housing


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Sea & Sea has just announced that it will release an underwater housing for Canon’s EOS 6D, the black anodized aluminum alloy MDX-6D.

Soon, the diving photographic community will have more Canon 6D underwater cases to choose from, Ikelite having released their version a couple of months ago.

mdx-6d-canon-6d-housing-f Sea & Sea announces Canon EOS 6D underwater housing News and Reviews

Sea & Sea’s MDX-6D underwater case for Canon 6D features a ‘lens-lock release’ function which allows the lens to be replaced without opening the housing.

Canon 6D MDX underwater housing announced sooner than expected

It’s been just four months since Sea & Sea has released MDX series housings for Canon’s EOS 5D Mark III and EOS-1D(s) MarkIII and Nikon’s D600 and D800(E).

Underwater photographers weren’t expecting such a soon Canon 6D dedicated diving case from the Japanese manufacturer, but this can come only as good news for them. Up until now, the only high-end Canon 6D underwater housing was available from Ikelite.

Competing at least on the same level with Ikelite’s model, Sea & Sea’s case gives swimmers access to almost all of the camera’s key functions.

Increased depth range of up to 330 feet

Leaving Ikelite behind though, Sea & Sea MDX-6D can reach depths of up to 330 feet, thanks to its high-pressure resistant anodized aluminum alloy construction. For comparison, Ikelite’s polycarbonate casing can withstand a maximum range of 200 feet.

At this depth, for example, technical divers can research a vast surface of the North American Great Lakes, which account for 84% of the United States’ water supply.

Maneuvering the camera is done with two handles, which also offer quick access to controls, thanks to an ergonomic design. The handle grips are mounted with threadless fixings for easy transportation, mounting and removal, if the case requires.

mdx-6d-canon-6d-housing-b Sea & Sea announces Canon EOS 6D underwater housing News and Reviews

The MDX-6D features an ergonomic design which easily facilitates access to controls.

Almost all of the housed Canon 6D controls can be accessed

Except for depth-of-field preview, the MDX underwater housing is built to access each Canon 6D function. For avoiding shots triggered by curious fish, a spring that can adjust the shutter lever tension has been added.

Notable housing features include port locking and lens changing without opening the case and an accessory port which can be used for HDMI output.

The horror which all underwater divers fear can be avoided as a built-in leak sensor immediately alerts in case of water infiltration.

Additional accessories boost the housing’s capabilities

The optional YS Converter/C, offers easy access to TTL exposure-compensation and to switching between TTL and Manual modes, as well as a battery display. The VF180 1.2x and VF45 1.2x viewfinders can increase the field of view to 1.2x (as opposed to the built-in 0.5x) for demanding directors of photography.

Even without accessories, a standard MDX-6D pricing hasn’t been announced yet, though it is estimated to be less than its counterpart MDX-5DMKIII’s $3,399 tag.

More details about the Canon EOS 6D underwater housing are available at the Sea & Sea’s product webpage.

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