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Fresh Canon EOS 7D Mark II rumors hint at rugged body


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Canon has allegedly decided to make the 7D Mark II DSLR a very rugged camera, which will sport a body made out of metal, while opting to remove the WiFi feature.

The Canon EOS 7D Mark II rumors have been with us for a very long time. However, the rumor mill has been very quiet about this DSLR camera in recent times. This may have been strange for some people, but it has allegedly happened for a reason. Trusted sources have been busy gathering more information about the EOS shooter.

According to the latest details, the replacement for the 7D will have a body made entirely out of metal along with the build quality of the original EOS-1 SLR.

canon-7d-body Fresh Canon EOS 7D Mark II rumors hint at rugged body Rumors

The replacement of the Canon 7D will have a body made out of metal. This is why the so-called 7D Mark II will not come packed with built-in WiFi.

More Canon EOS 7D Mark II rumors show up on the web to point at EOS-1-like body

Several reports have stated that the 7D Mark II will be based on the design of the EOS-1. CanonRumors has pointed out that the Japan-based company will put a flat top plate on 7D’s successor, which is reminiscent of the EOS-1.

Similar words have been reported by a trusted source who has been right in the past. This means that the EOS 7D Mark II will be very rugged, thus aimed at professionals, such as wildlife photographers who spend a lot of time in harsh outdoor conditions.

The build quality will certainly be appealing to lots of users, but we will only find out whether this is true or not on September 5, when Canon is rumored to reveal its flagship APS-C DSLR camera.

Canon 7D replacement will not feature built-in WiFi, as previously claimed

As the body will be made out of metal, this means that wireless signal transmission will not be that great. This means that the Canon 7D Mark II will not come packed with built-in WiFi, although this feature has been mentioned in the past by other sources.

It would be a pity not to have WiFi, but now it remains to be seen whether the GPS will still be there or not, as mentioned by some sources.

In order to make this as rugged as possible, the 7D replacement will not bear a touchscreen. A regular LCD screen will be added to the 7D Mark II because the display cover is sturdier.

Other features, confirmed to be added to the DSLR camera, are a 24-megapixel or higher sensor and a very quick continuous shooting mode.

The 7D has been discontinued recently, but some units can still be found through Amazon. The best deal that we can find includes a 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens for a total of $1,100.

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