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Canon EOS-A1 DSLR camera rumored to feature hybrid viewfinder


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Canon is once again rumored to announce a DSLR camera with a big megapixel count, but this time a possible name has showed up on the web: EOS-A1.

The “big megapixel war” is just starting. So far, Nikon and Sony are the first to make some moves, thanks to the D800 and A7R, respectively, while Canon is sitting back and watching the market closely.

The rumor mill has long-believed that the EOS maker will join this battle, but everything has proved to be false. However, some whispers have begun showing up again on the web and it seems like 2014 is the decisive year that will determine how the market will look like in the distant future.

Recently, it has been said that the company will launch an EOS 1 professional camera that is not replacing the EOS 1D X or any other shooter. Its release date is said to occur around or during Photokina 2014, while its specs will definitely not include Dual Pixel technology like the technologys found in the 70D.

Canon EOS-A1 is allegedly the name of the company’s big megapixel DSLR camera

A new set of details is now circling around the web, saying that the camera is real and it is coming sometime in 2014. According to inside sources, it will be called Canon EOS-A1.

The name may sound weird for the company’s fans, but remember that this is a rumor and that this could be just a prototype codename, so its retail tag could be different.

Professional DSLR to come packed with hybrid viewfinder

canon-1d-c Canon EOS-A1 DSLR camera rumored to feature hybrid viewfinder Rumors

Canon 1D C may not remain the best DSLR when it comes to video performance, as the company’s upcoming EOS-A1 big megapixel camera will provide an even higher optical quality in this department.

The Canon EOS-A1 rumor continues with the allegation that the DSLR will feature a hybrid viewfinder, similar to the one found in the Fujifilm X-Pro1. A hybrid model combines the benefits of an optical viewfinder with the ones of an electronic unit.

It is said that the camera is designed to provide the best photo and video quality. Moreover, the video performance will be the best ever in a DSLR camera. This is a bold claim, especially considering the fact that the EOS 1D C has been built especially for video features.

Although the device will be powered by a big megapixel sensor, there are no words whether it is an APS-C or full frame. Nevertheless, if this rumor says that it is a professional camera (just like the previous gossip), then it will most likely be a 35mm sensor.

The electronic viewfinder would certainly be useful for capturing videos, but sources are unsure how this whole thing works, so it would be better to wait for more information before drawing any conclusions.

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