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Canon EOS C100 successor is the next Cinema camcorder


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The Canon EOS C100 successor is rumored to be announced sometime in early 2015, before the beginning of the NAB Show 2015, which is scheduled to take place in April 2015.

Canon rumors have certainly escalated in recent times and it does not seem like there will be an end to those. Inside sources are leaking more and more details about the company’s future plans, which will include lots of new cameras.

After revealing some information about multi-layer and high-resolution DSLRs, it is time to talk about what lies ahead for the Cinema EOS line-up. Sources are reporting that the next model of the series will be the Canon EOS C100 successor.

canon-eos-c100 Canon EOS C100 successor is the next Cinema camcorder Rumors

A replacement for the Canon EOS C100 is rumored to be the next Cinema EOS camera and to be unveiled at the beginning of 2015.

Canon EOS C100 successor coming in early 2015

The C100 is the entry-level Cinema EOS camcorder. It features a Super 35mm image sensor and it is capable of recording full HD videos on dual SD card slots.

Since it is a lower-end model, it would make sense to be replaced faster than its higher-end counterparts. According to trusted people, the Canon EOS C100 successor will be unveiled in early 2015.

The Cinema camcorder will be introduced before the beginning of the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2015 (NAB), an event which takes place annually in April.

No specs have been given, but the camera will probably still support all EF, EF-S and Cine lenses from Canon. The release date and price have not been mentioned either, so you can check out the $5,000 C100 at B&H PhotoVideo in the meantime.

Canon could also replace both C300 and C500 at NAB Show 2015

The Canon C300 and C500 replacements have been mentioned, too. However, they will probably be announced after the C100 successor.

These higher-end shooters are likely to become official at the NAB Show 2015, where they will get more attention as all videography fans will keep their eyes on the event.

Still, these are rumors for the time being, so you will need to take the information with a large grain of salt, especially considering the fact there are several months until the show opens its doors.

The second Canon big-megapixel DSLR is now more likely to be an astrophotography camera

In regards to a previous rumor about the two versions of Canon’s big-megapixel DSLR, it seems like the second model will not be a Cinema EOS unit.

The next Cinema shooter is the C100 replacement, so the alternative version of the high-resolution EOS DSLR could be the astrophotography version, as mentioned in our article.

Once again, this is proof that industry watchers should not draw any conclusions from a few rumors. Stick with us and we will post more intel as soon as we get it!

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