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Canon EOS C500 Mark II coming in mid-2016 with 6K+ video support


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Canon EOS C500 Mark II camcorder is rumored to be announced around the middle of 2016 and to be capable of recording videos at a higher resolution than 4K.

The revamping of the Cinema EOS series began in late 2014 when the C100 Mark II replaced the C100. Earlier in April 2015, the C300 was substituted by the C300 Mark II with 4K video recording and a 15-stop dynamic range sensor.

The Canon EOS C500 Mark II camcorder was supposed to show up at NAB Show 2015, just like the C300 Mark II. However, the Japan-based company has shown that it had distinct plans. Videographers hoping to see the C500 Mark II being launched in 2015 will have to be patient, as the device will be unveiled in mid-2016. The wait may be worthwhile, as the camcorder is also rumored to be capable of recording 6K or bigger resolution videos.

canon-c500 Canon EOS C500 Mark II coming in mid-2016 with 6K+ video support Rumors

The Canon C500 camcorder may be replaced by a Mark II version that records 6K or even 8K videos sometime in 2016.

Canon EOS C500 Mark II rumored to be announced in 2016 with higher-than-4K video recording

One of the biggest complaints addressed by EOS fans to Canon is that the company has been late to the 4K party. Surely, now it offers a few camcorders that can shoot high-resolution videos, but technology is evolving at a fast pace and soon we will be talking about 6K and 8K cameras and TVs.

It seems like Canon will not miss this party, either, as it is planning to launch a cutting-edge C500 replacement in mid-2016. The source says that the C500 Mark II will be unveiled sometime around the middle of next year and that its resolution will easily top 4K.

6K cameras are already being demoed and the Japan-based company is keen on giving ARRI cameras a run for their money. This is why the Canon EOS C500 Mark II will arrive on the market at the right time bearing the right features, including the ability to record videos at 6K or 8K resolution.

Flagship Cinema EOS model could be a shoulder-style camcorder

The design of the Canon EOS C500 Mark II might suffer some dramatic changes. In the past, we have heard some gossips that the company may launch a shoulder-style Cinema EOS camcorder and now the rumors are back.

It would not be a surprise if the shoulder-style shooter is the C500 successor. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that such design could be reserved for a different device. All these details are unconfirmed reports, so you must not draw any conclusions for the time being.

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