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Canon EOS M replacement cameras coming soon


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The Canon EOS M replacement is in the works and it should be announced soon, along with a higher-end mirrorless camera.

Canon has not become a hit on the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera market. Unfortunately for the EOS maker, companies such as Fujifilm, Panasonic, Olympus, and Sony are doing a lot better in this segment.

The Canon EOS M has been accused of providing very slow autofocus speed for the users, while the lens options have been very limited.

canon-eos-m Canon EOS M replacement cameras coming soon Rumors

Canon EOS M is nearing its end of life as it has been discounted by most retailers, while the rumor mill is expecting a couple of replacement cameras soon.

Canon EOS M price reduction has been a success as the camera is almost out-of-stock

The company has tried to sweeten the deal with the launch of a much-needed firmware update and a 11-22mm lens. Moreover, a significant price reduction has been in place for several months, leading people to think that a successor is very near.

Even before the update and the new optic, the rumor mill has talked about the Canon EOS M replacement. Now, that most retailers have exhausted their stocks and are listing the device as “discontinued”, it means that the company will announce something new soon.

Amazon is still selling the EOS M with an EF-M 22mm STM kit for $399, the body + EF-M 18-55mm IS STM kit for $327.89, and the body + EF-M 18-55mm lens + Speedlite 90EX flash bundle for $399.95. All these offers are available through third-party Amazon resellers, as the retailer’s own stocks are empty.

Two Canon EOS M replacement cameras to be announced soon

Once again, the actual facts are in agreement with gossip talks. Sources familiar with the matter have reiterated that Canon will launch not one, but two EOS M cameras in the neighboring future.

The first will act as a replacement for the original EOS M. Its specifications and design will be very similar to the ones of its predecessor, but it will retail for a smaller amount than EOS M’s first price tag.

On the other hand, the second EOS M shooter will consist of a high-end version with greatly improved specs. A lot of accessories will be provided by Canon, including a sought-after electronic viewfinder.

Canon to launch telephoto zoom lens for mirrorless cameras, too

A new lens for mirrorless cameras is also rumored to be announced alongside the next-generation EOS Ms. Its focal length range is unknown, but it should fall into the telephoto zoom category.

There are talks about a “new flash”, though it is unclear whether it will be a built-in one or an external unit.

On an unrelated note, the EF 800mm f/5.6L IS II should also be substituted soon. The original EF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM super telephoto optic is available for $13,249 at Amazon, which is 40% less than its original price.

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