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Canon EOS M2 camera mentioned in latest DPP update


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The so-called Canon EOS M2 camera has showed up in the latest version of the company’s Digital Photo Professional RAW image processing software.

The Canon EOS M replacement cameras have been rumored to be announced last week. A direct replacement was supposed to come alongside a more expensive and fully-featured unit. However, neither of them appeared so far.

Shortly after that, the rumor mill has claimed that there are no more EOS cameras coming by the end of 2013, as the company will focus on the 2014 lineup. An entry-level DSLR and the EOS 7D Mark II are expected to be launched in early 2014 among others devices.

digital-photo-professional Canon EOS M2 camera mentioned in latest DPP update Rumors

Searching for the Canon EOS M2 in the latest Digital Photo Professional version brings up a number of results. The yet-to-be-announced mirrorless camera will probably replace the current EOS M in the coming weeks.

Canon EOS M2 camera name appears in latest Digital Photo Professional version

Thankfully, it appears that the source has not included the company’s mirrorless camera series. Although the EOS M replacement has not been announced last week, it will still be released by the end of this year.

Another evidence to suggest that the shooter is coming soon consists of its appearance in the latest version of the Digital Photo Professional software. The DPP 3.13.45 update has recently been released for download and the Canon EOS M2 is mentioned within several sections of the program.

DPP’s Auto Lighting Optimizer to support RAW images from the Canon EOS M2

The Canon EOS M2 camera is mentioned in the Auto Lighting Optimizer section. The ALO refers to a function which automatically corrects both brightness and contrast. It works best when the contrast is too low or when the photo is too dark.

It is worth noting that the ALO works only with RAW images and only the images captured with specific shooters – the upcoming Canon EOS M2 being one of them.

Canon EOS M price and stocks still very low, paving the road for replacements

Canon EOS M is available in limited quantities at Amazon. The retailer is selling the camera plus the 18-55mm IS STM lens for $351.19, while the body plus the 22mm STM lens costs $399.

As stated above, the stocks are pretty low and it does not seem like they are getting replenished. This is probably because a replacement is on its way. Now, we will have to get ready for the EOS M2 announcement, which should not keep us waiting for too long.

If you want to see the EOS M2 name being mentioned, then you can download the DPP 3.13.45 version at the company’s website and check for yourself.

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