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Canon EOS M2 or White 100D teaser hints at November launch


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Canon has begun teasing the launch of a new camera that looks like a DSLR whose announcement event will take place in November.

The mirrorless camera industry is doing rather well compared to other categories of the digital market. Both Nikon and Canon have cut down their forecast earnings and sales, showing that not only low-end devices are selling bad, but also the top-level ones are also in rough shape.

Original Canon EOS M has been poorly-rated, but a successor is nowhere to be seen

The EOS M has not been a dream camera for MILC adopters and it has not become one even after a much-needed firmware update. This has resulted in the rumor mill speculating that a replacement is on the way. Add a significant price reduction and it is easy to see why it has been believed that a substitution is on its way.

As you have probably noticed, this shooter has not been succeeded by another model, while inside sources have begun stating that no more EOS gear is coming in 2013. Still, some folks have recently claimed that the so-called Canon EOS M2 will be unveiled in the middle of November.

canon-eos-m2-teaser Canon EOS M2 or White 100D teaser hints at November launch Rumors

The alleged Canon EOS M2 teaser, which could hide the mirrorless camera underneath the white shroud or it could be just a white version of the 100D / Rebel SL1.

Canon Korea’s teaser points at a new camera, possibly the EOS M2

Well, a teaser revealed by the South Korean division of the company has just been posted and it is talking about the announcement of a new camera. The teaser says that a new Canon camera will begin from the “white world”.

Additionally, everything is shrouded in white, making the words even more mysterious, but pointing at a device that will be available in a white color, just like the original EOS M.

It’s the Canon EOS M2 or just a White 100D / Rebel SL1

Underneath the white mantle, there is definitely a camera. The only problem is that it is shaped like a DSLR, which would rule out the mirrorless Canon EOS M2.

Nevertheless, the device is pretty small, thus we are back to the mirrorless interchangeable camera possibility, especially when it is fitting the idea behind the whispers of the rumor mill.

The size and shape of the object behind the curtain points to the Canon 100D / Rebel SL1, the smallest and lightest DSLR ever. It has been released during Spring 2013, so it is quite unlikely that it is getting replaced so soon, so all that we have left is a white version of this tiny camera.

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