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Canon EOS M3 announcement date taking place this December


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After missing the Photokina 2014 deadline, the Canon EOS M3 announcement date has reportedly been scheduled to take place in December 2014, while shipping will begin in early 2015.

Mirrorless camera sales are slightly growing, while sales of all other types of cameras are decreasing. Analysts and even the manufacturers are expecting this trend to continue over the next few months, so giants such as Canon and Nikon must do better in the mirrorless segment.

Although Nikon is claiming that it is pleased with the sales of the 1-series, Canon’s situation is different as the company has acknowledged that its EOS M cameras are not doing well at all.

The original shooter has been criticized by the users and a firmware update has arrived too late and has provided too little to erase the customers’ bad feeling about it.

original-canon-eos-m Canon EOS M3 announcement date taking place this December Rumors

The original Canon EOS M mirrorless camera. It appears that a true heir is coming this December.

Moreover, the second-generation EOS M, called EOS M2, has been released only in a few select markets in Asia, where it has hardly been a success. Nevertheless, the Japan-based company is looking to make it up to its fans with the Canon EOS M3, which is allegedly coming this December.

Canon EOS M3 announcement date rumored to have been scheduled for December 2014

Some sources have claimed that the Photokina 2014 event would become the launch pad of the next-generation EOS M cameras. Two versions should have been released in September 2014, one with an electronic viewfinder and the other one without a viewfinder, but neither of them has showed up.

Now, the rumors about the Canon EOS M3 announcement date are back. According to an insider, the manufacturer is definitely working on this camera and testing is almost complete, as the device will become official in December 2014.

Not too many products are announced during the shopping season, but Canon might be aiming to break the norm in this situation, as the demo units are now returning to the company’s headquarters.

It is said that lots of units have been tested around the world and that they are  heading back to the company to assess the situation.

Next-generation Canon EOS M mirrorless camera is coming in early 2015 across the world

There are no indications to suggest that two models of the Canon EOS M3 are in development. This could mean that only one unit will be unveiled by the end of the year.

Furthermore, the source specifically noted that the tests have occurred in countries that are not a part of Asia. This information is hinting that the next-gen EOS M shooter will not be confined to Asia and will make its way into other continents officially, unlike the EOS M2.

It is highly unlikely that the shooter will become available on the market in December 2014, therefore the Canon EOS M3 release date will probably take place sometime at the beginning of 2015.

Until then, stay tuned to Camyx to find out the latest details!

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