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Canon Experience Stores opening tomorrow alongside EOS 70D DSLR?


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The first Canon Experience Store, set in Calgary, Canada, draws nearer to its opening. Inside sources have allegedly given the nod on last week’s rumors regarding the Apple-like Experience Store’s curtain-raiser.

Canon-EOS-60D Canon Experience Stores opening tomorrow alongside EOS 70D DSLR? Rumors

An inside source has released more information about the opening of the first Canon Experience Store, which is bound to happen in the following hours. The Japan-based company is said to open multiple stores in various locations around the globe.

The first store will be opened in Canada and, as many sources are stating, the EOS giant will give the green-light to stores in other countries in the near future.

Multiple stores, not just one

When it was revealed that Canon will open a special store for its customers, it was said that the first Experience Store will be opened in Calgary, Canada, with more stores waiting to be opened in other countries. A source said that the company is buying heritage buildings, in order to restore them and to modify their interior.

According to the latest batch of details, Canon will announce the Calgary-based store tomorrow, January 15th. Its name is unknown, but it may be referred to as the Canon Imaging Square. The source confirmed this name for Asian markets, though it is unclear whether the Canadian store will bear the same nickname.

A couple of more stores will be announced at tomorrow’s event, one in Sao Paulo, Brazil and another in Sydney, Australia. Although the company might reveal the existence of European or American stores, the source was unable to validate any speculations on that matter.

Canon to go beyond Experience Store announcement

Canon was not very active at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, last week. It appears that the company will be using the Experience Store opening event as a launching pad for a new DSLR camera along with a lens.

The organization is expected to reveal the EOS 70D, a DSLR which will mark EOS 60D’s end of life. Previously, it was believed that the EOS 7D Mark II will make an appearance, however, the source said that Canon will wait a few more months before unveiling this camera.

There are no details about the Canon lens, other than its introduction, whereas the EOS 70D is said to come packed with multiple features for videographers. It is unknown that the company may bring to the market, but it will be worth a closer look, so stay tuned to our website for more details!

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