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Canon full frame compact camera coming soon, too


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A Canon full frame compact camera may soon become a reality, as the company’s French website is now listing a category for this type of device.

Sony is the seller of the RX1, a small and lightweight compact camera with a full frame image sensor.

canon-full-frame-compact-camera-rumor Canon full frame compact camera coming soon, too Rumors

“Compacts 24×36” is the latest category which has showed up on the Canon France website. A full frame camera might be coming soon, as well as a compact shooter with an APS-C sensor.

Sony RX1 and RX1R are almost alone in the FF CC market

The PlayStation manufacturer does not have any real competition in this category and sales are going pretty well for such an expensive shooter.

The new Sony RX1R has just been unveiled, featuring the same specifications as the RX1, though its image sensor does not have an anti-aliasing filter.

RX1R photos will emerge sharper. However, the real problem for the digital imaging world is that Sony’s rivals have not released a relevant competitor, yet, and a lot of people are wondering what are they waiting for because it has been a while since RX1’s launch.

Canon full frame compact camera type leaked on French website

It appears that Canon will be the first to do so, as the Japanese company might release its first compact camera with a full frame image sensor.

Rumors about such device have emerged after a category for “Canon compacts 24×36” cameras has showed up out of nowhere on the EOS maker’s French website.

Furthermore, the Canon full frame compact camera might be joined by a compact APS-C shooter. This category does not point to any devices, just like the other one, but the rumor mill agrees that Canon is cooking up something.

Several Canon shooters rumored to be announced in the near future

With EOS 70D and big megapixel shooter coming up, Canon fans could be in for multiple treats this summer. The former is rumored to be announced in the following days, as the EOS 60D has suffered an important price drop down to $599.

The aforementioned big megapixel camera has also been the subject of multiple gossip talks. It will be a competitor for the Nikon D800 and D800E, a couple of DSLRs with 36.3-megapixel image sensors.

Canon’s response is said to consist of a camera with a sensor over 35 megapixels. Either way, more details should be released soon, therefore do not hold your breath for the time being.

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