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Canon G17 and S130 cameras to become official this October


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Canon will announce replacements for both the PowerShot G16 and S120 cameras, most likely called G17 and S130, during an event taking place sometime in October 2015.

A lot of cameras have been delayed in recent times. There are a couple of notable examples, such as the Pentax full-frame DSLR and Sony A7000. The former was supposed to be launched by the end of this year, but it is now slated to become official in Spring 2016, while the NEX-7 (or A6000) successor is believed to be on track for a February 2016 unveiling.

After being rumored to be announced in the first quarter of this year, then in the second or third quarter, it seems like the Canon G17 will be introduced in Q4 2015. This high-end compact will be joined by a lower-end shooter, in the body of the S130, which will replace the S120.

Canon G17 rumored to have been scheduled for an October 2015 announcement

A product launch event will be held by Canon in October. At least two compact cameras will be revealed by the Japan-based manufacturer, including the PowerShot G16 successor, a reliable source is reporting.

canon-powershot-g16-and-s120 Canon G17 and S130 cameras to become official this October Rumors

Both Canon PowerShot G16 and S120 compact cameras will be replaced in October.

Canon G17 has been mentioned within the rumor mill in the past, but it has failed to become official so far. However, it appears that the shooter will no longer be postponed as it will be introduced this October.

There are no words on the release date and price details, albeit they might be leaked in the coming days, so you should stay tuned to Camyx for them. Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the PowerShot G16 with a $100 discount and a free 32GB SD card.

As for its specs list, the previous one is no longer valid. As things stand, the only certain feature handed out by the trusted source consists of the built-in electronic viewfinder which replaces G16’s optical viewfinder.

PowerShot S130 replacing S120 during the same event

Canon has revealed the S120 alongside the G16, so the fact that their replacements will become official at the same event does not come as a surprise. Both models were introduced by the digital imaging company back in August 2013.

Although they are marketed as premium cameras, the S120 is a lower-end model. Nevertheless, we are expecting the Canon S130 to feature built-in WiFi, just like its predecessor, and we are waiting for a confirmation from the rumor mill.

This is everything that we know for now, but more is coming soon, as stated above. Remain close to our website for upcoming details about both Canon G17 and S130!

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