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Canon G1X Mark II / G2X rumored to replace G1X at CP+ 2014


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The Canon G1X replacement is once again rumored to be announced soon, but under a different name than the fan-favorite “G2X”: PowerShot G1X Mark II.

The battle in the high-end compact camera business for Canon is still carried by a device launched in February 2012, called G1X. Two years have passed since its introduction at the beginning of the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2014 event, so it appears that this is the perfect time to launch a successor.

This compact camera has appeared briefly in some gossip talks. If they were to be true, then the so-called Canon G2X would have been launched by now. However, this is not deterring the rumor mill, as a new source is claiming that a G1X replacement is in the works and it will unveiled soon under a different name.

Canon G1X Mark II to finally succeed the G1X at the CP+ 2014 event

canon-g1x Canon G1X Mark II / G2X rumored to replace G1X at CP+ 2014 Rumors

Canon G1X is rumored to be replaced by the so-called G1X Mark II in February.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the premium compact camera will be called Canon G1X Mark II. This naming scheme is usually used for DSLRs, so it is a bit weird to see it mentioned in a story about a compact shooter.

Either way, the leakster is pretty confident that this is the name and that the Canon PowerShot G2X will have to wait in line.

The official announcement will most likely take place at the CP+ 2014 show, which begins on February 13.

PowerShot G1X replacement to feature better sensor, bigger lens, and faster processor

The leaked Canon G1X Mark II specs list says that the compact camera will feature a 20.2-megapixel, a 1.5-inch-type sensor, DIGIC 6 processing engine, and a 24-120mm f/2.8-5.8 lens (35mm equivalent).

Its sensor will retain the same size, but it has an increased resolution (up from 14.3 megapixels). The G1X has been the series’ first shooter with a CMOS sensor and it is unlikely that the Japanese company will switch back to CCD technology.

This unusual sensor size is slightly smaller than the Canon’s APS-C format, but somewhat bigger than the Micro Four Thirds format, therefore it is a good choice for photographers who do not want an interchangeable lens camera.

The lens of the G1X Mark II is also bigger than the one of its predecessor on the telephoto end, so users will get closer to the action while standing in the same place.

G1X Mark II (formerly known as G2X) design to be inspired by its predecessor

The source has added that the design is similar to that of the G1X. The G2X / G1X Mark II will sport a 3-inch 922K-dot LCD touchscreen on its back, which will probably be articulated (like the one found in its predecessor).

Canon’s upcoming premium compact will also feature a built-in electronic viewfinder that offers increased image quality.

Price and exact release date details are not mentioned, but everything will become official next month. In the meantime, Amazon is selling the Canon G1X for a price of $549.

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