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Canon G1X successor poised for February 12 announcement


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Canon G1X successor has allegedly been scheduled to be unveiled on February 12, one day prior to the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2014, as the top camera of the PowerShot series.

High-end cameras are the models which are replaced infrequently, unlike lower-end devices which have a shorter lifespan. Canon is aiming to replace the top PowerShot camera, known as G1X, by the end of this month.

Sources have previously reported that the PowerShot G1X replacement is coming at the  CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2014, an event opening its doors to visitors on February 13.

Canon G1X successor coming on February 12, release date set for April or May

canon-powershot-g1x Canon G1X successor poised for February 12 announcement Rumors

Canon PowerShot G1X is rumored to be replaced by a camera with a lighter and smaller design, GPS, and WiFi on February 12.

Trusted people who have been right in the past are back with more information about the Canon G1X successor, which now appears to have been scheduled for a February 12 launch date, one day ahead of the CP+ 2014.

There are some contradictions regarding the name, as G1X Mark II and G2X have been thrown into the mix. However, gossip talks have revealed that the announcement date is certainly set for February 12 and that the new PowerShot camera will be present at the aforementioned event.

An exact release date has not been provided, albeit the compact camera should become available for purchase in very late April or in very early May.

WiFi and GPS to be added into Canon’s top PowerShot compact camera

New inside details are also confirming that WiFi is becoming a must-have feature in a camera. The Canon G1X successor will have it along with GPS support, allowing users to geo-tag their photos.

The design will be relatively identical to that of the G1X, although the new compact will be smaller as well as lighter. It will become the flagship PowerShot device and will be powered by the DIGIC 6 image processor, first introduced in the Canon SX280 HS camera.

Image quality is said to have been improved as well, allowing photographers to capture better-looking photographs.

Higher-megapixel sensor and an improved lens for the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II / G2X

Previously-leaked details regarding the Canon PowerShot G1X successor have revealed that the device will feature a 20.2-megapixel 1.5-inch-type image sensor, built-in electronic viewfinder, 3-inch LCD touchscreen, and a 24-120mm f/2.8-5.8 zoom lens.

The G1X sports a 14.3-megapixel 1.5-inch-type sensor, 3-inch articulated screen, and a 28-112mm f/2.8-5.8 lens. Launched back in January 2012, sources agree that it is the right time for Canon to release a replacement.

The truth about the G1X Mark II / G2X is out there and we will find it out sometime in mid-February.

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