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Canon Image Square, the company’s first Experience Center, officially opened in Canada


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Canon has decided to celebrate its 40th anniversary with the opening of the company’s first store, called Canon Image Square.

There are many rumors which prove to be bogus, but last week’s whispers were true as Canon opened its first Experience Store, where consumers can get a taste of the company’s latest technologies and products.

First Canon Image Square in the world

The company opened its first store on the Eighth Avenue Place in Calgary, Alberta. Canadians have the chance to enter the store as of today at 12PM local time. It is an innovative space with technologically-advanced equipment that invites consumers to discover the world of photography.

Photography fans will be able to learn everything about Canon’s products and what solutions the company has to offer that enhance productivity at home, at work or while having fun. All visitors are welcomed at the store, where they can interact with products like point-and-shooters, DSLRs, lenses and other accessories, and printers.

Getting help from the experts

Canon Canada’s President and CEO, Kevin Ogawa, said that this is a first in all of Canada, as the store sets the standard for how technology-related companies interact with their customers. Expert staff will respond to all customers’ inquiries and if they decide to purchase something, then the staff will direct them to the nearest authorized reseller.

The staff will approach visitors to offer them tips, information, answers, and solutions. It is an innovative approach, said CEO Kevin Ogawa. The company will offer thematic setups, like sculptures, that will help customers to test Canon’s DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras.

Enhanced consumer experience

Canon Image Square visitors will be greeted by dynamic screens that display information about Canon products and demonstrations that will teach them how to take the best out the company’s range of products and accessories. A touchscreen wall will also be available. Here, consumers can added their own images and interact with the touch-based display.

A special showroom will be filled with Canon printing solutions for businessmen, while a special photo studio will be available for professional photographers, where they will learn about DSLR cameras, Speedlights, as well as photo editing software.

Location and spacing

Canon has designed a classroom-like area where the staff will perform demonstrations, presentations, classes, and seminars. A photo gallery is available in the Calgary store, but the surprise here is that it was entirely prepared by 500px, a social networking website for professional and amateur photographers.

The Canon Image Square takes up about 6,600 square feet of the 8th Avenue Place building. It is accessible from directly from the street or from the pre-certified LEED Platinum construction.

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