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Canon ME20F-SH camcorder announced with 4 million ISO


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Canon has unveiled a cube-shaped professional multi-purpose camera, called ME20F-SH, which is capable of capturing full HD videos at a maximum ISO sensitivity of four million.

While the whole world is still waiting for Canon to get serious with the consumer mirrorless camera industry, the company has other plans for the time being. The plans consist of a professional multi-purpose camera that is capable of recording color videos in extremely low light conditions of just 0.0005 lux.

Its name is Canon ME20F-SH and it is shaped like a cube. This is a mirrorless camera without a built-in display, but which supports a broad range of accessories. However, its main selling point will be its +75dB gain that translates into a maximum ISO sensitivity of four million.

canon-me20f-sh Canon ME20F-SH camcorder announced with 4 million ISO News and Reviews

Canon ME20F-SH is a professional camera that records color full HD videos in extremely low light conditions thanks to an ISO sensitivity of four million.

Canon introduces professional multi-purpose camera with four million ISO sensitivity

There are not so many people who would know what to do with a 4,000,000 ISO setting on a camera mainly because they would not think this is possible. Well, Canon’s new shooter demonstrates that it can happen and that the technology is here to deliver an “unrivaled” maximum ISO.

The Canon ME20F-SH will not be aimed at consumers, instead being designed for professional filmmakers. The camera does not have a big-megapixel sensor. It uses a 2.26-megapixel CMOS image sensor which is enough to record videos at full HD resolution and up to 60fps frame rate.

Upon hearing this, you could be inclined to think that this is a black-and-white camera. However, this shooter captures color videos even at its maximum resolution and ISO sensitivity. As a result, documentary videographers will be able to capture color footage in almost complete darkness.

Some of the implications named by the Japanese company refer to nighttime wildlife, deep sea or cave exploration, and astronomy.

canon-me20f-sh-back Canon ME20F-SH camcorder announced with 4 million ISO News and Reviews

Canon ME20F-SH comes packed with a broad range of ports for professional filmmakers.

Canon ME20F-SH coming this December with EF-mount lens support

The specs list of the Canon ME20F-SH include integrated infrared and neutral density filters that can be turned on and off at the user’s discretion.

The camcorder features a full-frame sensor and it uses the company’s EF-mount, albeit EF-S-mount lenses are supported, too. Among other technologies, the ME20F-SH supports the Canon Log and Wide DR tools available in Cinema EOS cameras.

A bunch of ports are available on this shooter, such as 3G / HD-SDI, HDMI, 2.5mm jack, and an 8-pin RS-422 one so users can remotely control it. As expected, external monitors can be attached to this device.

The manufacturer will release this camera with its staggering maximum ISO sensitivity value in December 2015 for a price of $30,000.

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