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Canon modular DSLR camera could be announced in 2015


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Canon is rumored to be working on a modular DSLR camera, which will allow users to switch parts and which could be announced sometime around the NAB Show 2015 next April.

One of the companies which is said to introduce several new cameras in 2015 is Canon. The Japan-based manufacturer was previously rumored to revamp its entire Cinema EOS line-up next year. However, the plans have been sped up, as the EOS C100 Mark II has been announced recently.

Either way, many new shooters are still expected to come out of Canon’s production line in 2015. The latest in a long line of rumors is referring to a modular DSLR, that will allow photographers to change more of the camera’s parts, not just its lens.

ricoh-gxr Canon modular DSLR camera could be announced in 2015 Rumors

Ricoh GXR is a modular compact camera announced in 2009. Canon could bring back modularity to the digital imaging world by introducing a special DSLR camera, which allows users to switch its parts with other parts.

Canon modular DSLR camera is in development and it is coming in 2015

The mobile industry is often brought into discussions related to the digital imaging world. Smartphones are said to be one of the main causes why compact camera sales are dropping, so photographers want to see more from camera makers.

Modularity is coming to the mobile world, as Google’s Project Ara could turn into a real smartphone towards the beginning of next year. It appears that Canon will follow a similar path by introducing a modular shooter.

The source says that one thing that will definitely be interchangeable is the viewfinder. However, users will be able to switch other parts of the DSLR, too.

Modular DSLR could be added to the Cinema EOS line-up at NAB Show 2015

The Canon modular DSLR camera is rumored to be built for videography purposes. Nevertheless, it will still capture photos, a situation reminiscent of the Sony A7S mirrorless camera.

Since it is designed for videos, the device could be a Cinema EOS shooter, meaning that it could be announced sometime around the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2015, which takes places next April.

The camera is described as a DSLR, so we could be looking at the replacement for the EOS 1D C. However, you should take this with a pinch of salt and stay tuned for more information before jumping into conclusions.

This is not the first time modularity has been brought to the digital imaging world

If it comes official as described by the rumor mill, then the Canon modular DSLR camera might remind industry watchers of the Ricoh GXR.

The GXR is a special camera which allows users to attach different solutions to its main body. These “solutions” include different image processors, sensors, and lens mounts.

Ricoh’s camera has not been as successful as the company would have hoped, but maybe Canon’s appeal to the public could turn a modular camera into a hit. Stick with us for more details!

Meanwhile, a Ricoh GXR camera could be yours for about $299 through Amazon.

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