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Canon PowerShot G5 X rumored to be in the works


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Canon might reveal a PowerShot G5 X camera in order to complete its line-up of premium compact shooters with zoom lenses and large image sensors.

The PowerShot G3 X has been unveiled by Canon as the third model of the company’s series of high-end compact cameras with large sensors. The device has joined the PowerShot G1 X Mark II and the PowerShot G7 X, making people believe that the line-up is complete.

However, a lot of industry watchers have noticed that there is something missing from the manufacturer’s line-up. There are the G1, G3, and G7 models, so there is plenty of room for a G5 model. Well, according to the rumor mill, Canon is developing a new premium compact with a large sensor and zoom lens that will be introduced this summer under the Powershot G5 X moniker.

canon-powershot-g7-x Canon PowerShot G5 X rumored to be in the works Rumors

Canon may reveal a new premium compact camera similar to the PowerShot G7 X this summer. It will be called PowerShot G5 X.

Canon developing another premium compact camera with a large sensor

As the market for premium compact cameras is showing signs of improvement, Canon is aiming to launch even more models in this category. The Japan-based company is working on an “in-house competition” for the PowerShot G7 X, a source claims.

By the looks of it, the product is not a PowerShot G7 X replacement, instead being a PowerShot G5 compact camera that will be fairly similar to its sibling.

An exact launch date is not provided, but it appears that the device will be unveiled this summer. It is likely that we will see a development announcement before the official event, so you will have to keep an eye out on Camyx.

Possible Canon PowerShot G5 X specs leaked on the web

The leakster has also handed out some possible Canon PowerShot G5 X specs and details. The new compact camera will employ a similar design to the G7 X, but it will have a bigger body than its sibling.

Its specifications list will include a 1-inch-type sensor. There is a strong chance that this is the 20.2-megapixel sensor found in both the G7 X and G3 X. Additionally, the camera will be weathersealed, just like the new G3 X, and will have a hot-shoe mount and a built-in ND (neutral density) filter.

The lens will be different from the current models. The G5 X will allegedly have a zoom lens with a 35mm focal length equivalent of 24-200mm and a maximum aperture of f/1.4-3, depending on the selected focal length.

Canon’s premium compact cameras are offering the following lenses (35mm equivalent):

  • PowerShot G1 X Mark II: 24-120mm f/2-3.9;
  • PowerShot G3 X: 24-600mm f/2.8-5.6;
  • PowerShot G7 X: 24-100mm f/1.8-2.8.

Until further information comes out, take these details with a pinch of salt!

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