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Canon announces Project Imaginat10n 2013 film contest


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Canon has announced a film contest, called Project Imaginat10n, which will result in ten short films that will be revealed at a festival in fall 2013.

Canon is holding film contests on a regular basis. Its idea for short movies revolves around “imagination”, as the 2011 contest has been called “Imagina8ion”.

canon-project-imaginat10n-2013 Canon announces Project Imaginat10n 2013 film contest News and Reviews

One of the 91 photos which can be chosen by filmmakers for Canon’s Project Imaginat10n 2013 short movie contest.

Canon’s Project Imaginat10n film contest invites the public to create short movies based on 10 photos

This year, the company will allow the general public to experience how it feels to sit in the chair of a movie director, by selecting 10 photos out of 91, which will be used for coming up with ideas for a bunch of short films.

Canon says that this is the kind of exercise actors and directors are doing when they are coming up with a film. There are 91 photos, which have been selected as “Project Imaginat10n” winners. Ten of them will be used as an inspiration for short films.

However, it is harder than someone would expect, since short films require a lot of attention. According to Canon, the consumers will have to choose the photos based on the most important themes. The list includes Backstory, Character, Discovery, Goal, Mood, Obstacle, Relationship, Setting, Time, and The Unknown.

Even though Canon says that the public will choose 10 photos, they will actually pick only nine. One of them has already been selected by director Ron Howard. It is called “Discovering Limits” and it consists of the Discovery theme.

The winners will enter under the tutelage of Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard

Speaking of which, Ron Howard and his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, will guide the users through their journey. Bryce has been in the position of experimenting with her imagination in 2011 during Project Imagin8ion.

She has selected eight photos and then she has created the “When You Fine Me” movie, which went on to win many awards. The short film tells the story of two young sisters whose lives have been altered by a tragedy.

Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, and other celebrities will come up with their own short films

The surprises do not end here. Amateur filmmakers will be joined by five celebrities, including actress Eva Longoria. She, as well as actor Jamie Foxx, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, designer Georgina Marchesa, and LCD SoundSystem founder James Murphy will have to direct a short film based on 10 photos chosen from Project Imaginat10n.

As stated above, ten short films will be present at the festival. They will consist of the five celebrities’ movies, while the other five will be picked by Ron and Bryce Howard.

The results will be seen at the “Project Imaginat10n” film festival, which will take place in the fall of 2013. Until then, the public can choose the photos at the project’s official website, and submissions will be allowed as of June 4.

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