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Canon rumored to develop a new smaller-than-Rebel DSLR camera


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Canon is rumored to announce a new low-end DSLR camera, the size and weight of the EOS M, sometime in the not too distant future.

Canon is actively working on several new cameras. The Japan-based company will reveal at least three new shooters by the end of the year.

canon-new-small-dslr-camera-rumor Canon rumored to develop a new smaller-than-Rebel DSLR camera Rumors

The Canon EOS 1100D is the company’s smallest and lightest DSLR camera ever produced. The rumor mill is suggesting that the Japanese manufacturer is working on an entry-level product tinier than this one.

Three new Canon cameras coming ahead of the tiny DSLR

The closest to the release is the 60D replacement which will be called EOS 70D. This one is rumored to be unveiled by the end of March 2013.

Additionally, the Japanese manufacturer will also release an update for the 7D, under the name of 7D Mark II. This camera is said to be introduced on the market during an event in late summer or early fall.

The third camera, whose specs have been leaked on the web, is the EOS M successor. The new mirrorless interchangeable lens shooter will be powered by a DIGIC 5 processor and an entirely new 24-megapixel sensor. This camera will be released by the end of 2013, but its launch may be postponed until the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, an event taking place in January 2014.

New Canon DSLR camera to be smaller than the Rebel series

As for the new and smaller DSLR, the source claims that it will have nothing to do with the Rebel or xxxD series. It is said that Canon is aware of the fact that consumers want to buy a DSLR, though they are not willing to pay too much money for it.

Canon does not want to follow Nikon’s approach and release a compact camera with an APS-C sensor, such as the Coolpix A, because it will be too expensive. According to the source, it will be the “lightest and smallest DSLR” the company has ever announced.

Though Canon will not abandon the mirrorless market, it will offer a small DSLR that will act as a competitor for the EOS M. The rumored digital camera will come packed with support for both EF and EF-S lens mounts.

The third patent holder in the United States will bundle the tiny DSLR camera with a brand new zoom lens. However, pricing details remain unknown for the time being.

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