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Canon S100 and S110 firmware update released for download


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Canon has released a software update for both PowerShot S100 and S110 digital cameras, in order to fix a couple of minor quirks affecting the users.

The Canon PowerShot S100 was launched in September 2011. One and a half years have passed since the introduction of this camera and it seems like its manufacturer has not abandoned it.

Canon S100 firmware update finally fixes the zoom control bug

The “premium compact camera” has received the second update, intended to fix a bug which caused the focal length to remain the same when using the control ring to modify the zoom.

This problem was not noticed on all Canon S100 units, but many users reported having problems when turning the control ring very slowly, one click at a time. For the PowerShot S100, this is the only change when compared to the previous version.

Canon has also released the S110 firmware update in order to fix the same bug which has affected S100 users for more than one and a half years.

canon-powershot-s110-firmware-update- Canon S100 and S110 firmware update released for download News and Reviews

Canon PowerShot S110 firmware update released to fix a bug with the WiFi connection.

S110 firmware update fixes the camera’s infamous WiFi bug

However, things are a little bit different in S110’s case, as the update fixes a WiFi connection bug as well.

According to Canon, the camera will not disconnect from an iPhone or iPad when being used as an Access Point. Usually, the WiFi connection would break after one minute, but a bug causes the camera and an iOS device to remain connected.

The Canon PowerShow S110 served as a direct replacement for the S100. The high-end compact camera was launched in September 2012. It is the first time a firmware update has been made available for download for this shooter.

Fixing the WiFi bug will also require iOS users to download an update for the Camera Windows app from the iTunes Store. The Canon Camera Window App is available for iOS 5 and 6 devices.

Meanwhile, the Canon S100 and S110 firmware update are available for download on both Windows and Mac OS X computers directly from the company’s official website.

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