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Canon announces “Try and Buy” lens rental service in Singapore


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Canon has launched a “try before you buy” program in Singapore, allowing photographers to test lenses before purchasing them.

Canon is currently giving members of its Professional Services the possibility of testing cameras, camcorders, lenses, and other accessories. The company has decided to expand this program to all photographers who own a DSLR and want to try a product before purchasing it.

canon-try-and-buy-singapore Canon announces "Try and Buy" lens rental service in Singapore News and Reviews

Canon will launch a “Try and Buy” service in Singapore as of March 28. Photographers will be allowed to rent some of the lenses in the company’s lineup for two days.

“Try and Buy” Canon lenses in Singapore

However, the service is available exclusively in Singapore and it solely concerns the company’s lenses. The program will be called “Try and Buy” and it will allow anybody to take a lens for a spin for up to two days.

The Japan-based company says that potential testers will have to pay a fee to test the lenses, but the amount will be significantly lower than the final price of the lens in question.

The optics can be tested for one day or a couple of days. The fee will be somewhat more acceptable if the lensmen decide to rent a product for two days, rather than for only 24 hours.

Canon says that it needed to find a way to demonstrate that customers will enjoy its products, therefore it is believed that this service will attract the attention of a lot more artists.

Additionally, most of the lenses are expensive and it is hard to invest in digital imaging products in times of financial crisis. If the users get a chance to see how a lens performs, then they will buy the product without thinking twice.

Loan two lenses at the same time as of March 28

A photographer can only loan two lenses at the same time. There are no unlimited units available for testing, therefore DSLR camera users will have to register to borrow a product.

The Canon “Try and Buy” service will be launched on March 28 and will have an official website.

A special offer will be available for members of the Canon Imaging Academy, as they will receive a 50% discount. Pricing and other details will be revealed over the next couple of days.

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