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Canon Vixia Mini unveiled as a dedicated self-video camcorder


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Canon has unveiled a small camcorder aimed at taking self-videos by users looking to upload films of themselves performing various things on YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

Although digital camera sales are on a free fall, it does not mean that manufacturers should stop releasing various products on the market. Canon is making another attempt at diversifying the types of shooters and the latest result is called Vixia Mini.

canon-vixia-mini Canon Vixia Mini unveiled as a dedicated self-video camcorder News and Reviews

Canon Vixia Mini will become available in black and white colors for $299.99 this September. The camcorder features a f/2.8 fisheye lens and it is capable of shooting full HD videos.

Canon reveals Vixia Mini, a camcorder for shooting self-videos

A lot of people are doing these things and uploading the files on YouTube and other websites. However, a lot of videos are captured with smartphones or cameras which are not capable of doing a good job.

The Canon Vixia Mini is part of a different breed of camcorders. It is very small and it serves one purpose: recording self-videos. The company says that the device is perfect for taking films of yourself while cooking or playing a guitar.

The Japanese company says that video loggers should not be limited by poorly designed cameras. The Vixia Mini is capable of suiting anyone’s needs, taking self-recording to a whole new level.

Canon Vixia Mini is packing an f/2.8 ultra wide-angle fisheye lens

According to Canon, the Vixia Mini is the go-to self-video camcorder and this can be attributed to a great design as well as carefully-thought specs.

The device features an f/2.8 ultra wide-angle fisheye lens, which is perfect for capturing broader frames. Moreover, a 12.8-megapixel sensor is there to record high quality videos, but it takes photos, too.

The camcorder records MP4 videos at 1920 x 1080 resolution. Built-in WiFi technology will allow “vloggers” to transfer the files to a smartphone or tablet instantly . After that, the users can easily share them on social networking sites.

Canon to release Vixia Mini in September for $299.99

Canon Vixia Mini features a kickstand underneath it, which is suitable for pointing the camcorder upwards should you be standing. A 2.7-inch LCD screen sits atop the device and it is tiltable by 170 degrees. This means that you can watch yourself while recording and adjust the frame accordingly.

It is worth noting that a tripod mount is available for putting the Vixia Mini on conventional tripods. Data is stored on a microSD card that will be useful for transferring data to a PC via a card reader, if the user does not own a WiFi-enabled smartphone.

The camcorder will become available in black and white colors for $299.99 in September. Price and availability will depend on markets. The company will also supply a carrying pouch, which will be released in black or white for $14.99.

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