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Canon XC10 4K camcorder to be announced at CES 2015


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Canon is allegedly developing a 4K camcorder with a fixed lens, called XC10, which could be announced during the first weeks of 2015 and which will look like the EOS C100, albeit comes packed with a fixed lens.

The rumor mill has previously revealed that Canon is working on multiple camcorders that will be introduced in 2015. Moreover, sources have said that the company’s fans should expect to see several of them being capable of recording 4K videos.

Canon has decided against waiting until next year, therefore it has announced the EOS C100 Mark II a few weeks ago. The camcorder does not shoot 4K videos, but it is the first step in the Japanese manufacturer’s attempt to revamp its Cinema EOS line-up.

As the whole world is waiting for the Mark II versions of the C300, C500, and 1D C, the name of another Canon 4K camcorder has been thrown into the mix: XC10.

This model is said to consist out of a fixed-lens video camera that looks like the EOS C100 and to be ready for an early 2015 launch.

canon-eos-c100 Canon XC10 4K camcorder to be announced at CES 2015 Rumors

The Canon EOS C100 camcorder will allegedly lens its looks to a fixed-lens 4K camcorder, called XC10, coming in early 2015.

Canon working on fixed-lens 4K camcorder called XC10

Sources are reporting that a so-called Canon XC10 is in the works. This device represents a camcorder that features a fixed-lens and which is capable of recording videos at 4K resolution with a design inspired by the original EOS C100.

If this becomes true, then the Canon XC10 would become the first Cinema EOS model that does not support an interchangeable lens system.

The focal range of the lens is unknown. The video camera could have a prime or a zoom lens, but we should wait for future details before drawing any conclusions.

Canon XC10 announcement will take place in early 2015, possibly at CES

Gossip talks are claiming that the camcorder will be aimed at consumers, so it is unlikely to become official at NAB Show 2015 in April. This is why it is more likely to be unveiled at CES 2015 in January.

The other Cinema EOS cameras could be revealed ahead of NAB Show 2015, but they will not show up at CES 2015, as they are aimed at a difference audience.

With more and more affordable cameras being capable of shooting 4K videos, the consumers are the ones who will gain the most from Canon’s entry in this segment. Stay tuned to find out how this story will unfold.

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