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Canon XF205 and Canon XF200 camcorders become official


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Canon has unveiled two new professional camcorders, the XF205 and XF200, for videographers and news broadcasters right in time for NAB Show 2014.

Canon is following into Zeiss’ footsteps as it could not wait for the opening day of the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2014 to reveal its latest videography products.

The Japan-based company has introduced two new professional camcorders as well as a couple of new cine lenses in anticipation of the NAB Show 2014.

Canon XF205 and Canon XF200 professional camcorders announced ahead of NAB Show 2014

canon-xf205 Canon XF205 and Canon XF200 camcorders become official News and Reviews

Canon XF205 is a professional camcorder that will be released in July for $4,400.

The manufacturer starts its press release with a confirmation that the new Canon XF205 and Canon XF200 have borrowed technology from the XA25 and XA20 camcorders. However, the new devices will provide enhanced features and performance.

Packed with CMOS image sensors and the same image processor found in the XA25 and XA20, the XF205 and XF200 will enter the market on top of the XF105 and XF100.

The new professional camcorders are compact and lightweight, but they will meet the demands of all videographers. The products have been designed to provide the best video quality for people who record or broadcast news, weddings, documentaries, events and more.

Both devices will offer an Ethernet LAN port a long with dual-band WiFi, so internet access will never be a problem for the users.

The new camcorders come packed with a 20x optical zoom lens

canon-xf200 Canon XF205 and Canon XF200 camcorders become official News and Reviews

The Canon XF200 also sports a 20x optical zoom lens, but its price is lower than that of the XF205 as it will cost “only” $3,900.

Canon XF205 and Canon XF200 both feature a 20x optical zoom lens that will provide a 35mm equivalent of 26.8-536mm.

The lenses include Hi-Index Ultra Low Dispersion glass elements, reducing chromatic aberrations and other optical flaws.

The duo is capable of recording videos in two formats. MP4 is there for conventional users and MXF will satisfy the needs of news stations.

Although the devices are rather small, the company has found enough room to add a lens ring for each of the following three: iris control, focus, and zoom.

Cine-Servo 17-120mm T2.95 lens officially joins the Canon Cinema EOS family

canon-cine-servo-17-120mm-t2.95 Canon XF205 and Canon XF200 camcorders become official News and Reviews

Canon Cine-Servo 17-120mm T2.95 lens will be released in ARRI PL and Canon EF mounts in August.

As stated above, Canon has also introduced a pair of lenses. They can be used as cinema optics or for “shoulder-mounted operations”.

First comes the Cine-Servo 17-120mm T2.95 which sports a Digital Drive handgrip that performs numerous functions. Nevertheless, users can remove it and manually control the zoom and other functionality.

This will be released in two mounts: ARRI PL and Canon EF. The company says that the product will offer high-quality footage and is compatible with 4K / 2K / full HD video recording.

Canon reveals HJ18ex7.6B zoom lens with built-in 2x extender

canon-hj18ex7.6b Canon XF205 and Canon XF200 camcorders become official News and Reviews

Canon HJ18ex7.6B is a portable HD zoom lens for professional camcorders. It offers a 35mm equivalent of 7.6-137mm, which can be doubled with the help of a built-in extender.

The second model is the Canon HJ18ex7.6B lens. This is a rather weird name for a lens, but the company is going ahead with it nonetheless.

The new HJ18ex7.6B is a portable zoom lens providing a 35mm equivalent of 7.6-137mm. If users decide to “turn on” its built-in 2x extender, then it will offer a focal length range between 15.2mm and 274mm.

Canon adds that the lens is also aimed at news broadcasting and documentary production among other applications.

Availability details for all new Canon cinema products

The Canon XF205 will become available in the middle of July for a price of $4,400, while the XF200 is sharing a similar release date for a price of $3,900.

Meanwhile, the Canon Cine-Servo 17-120mm T2.95 lens will be pushed on the market as of August 2014 for a price around $33,000.

The IRSE S version of the HJ18ex7.6B lens should be released sometime in July for $20,700, while the IASE S model will become available for $22,600.

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