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Capture Camera Clip v2 meets Kickstarter goal in three days


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Peak Design has just reached its Kickstarter funding goal for the Capture Camera Clip v2, an accessory which will keep your camera safe during trips.

Capture Camera Clip has been one of the best accessories for photographers of 2011. The product consisted of a metal clip which can be attached to all backpacks, belts, and even bags. It allows photographers to carry their cameras safely during hiking trips or just their everyday walk.

capture-camera-clip-v2-specs Capture Camera Clip v2 meets Kickstarter goal in three days News and Reviews

New design of the Capture Camera Clip v2, which includes a quick release button, clamping bolts, twist lock, and an all-aluminum chassis.

New Capture Camera Clip v2 has met its crowd-funding goal in 72 hours

The accessory has been created by Peak Design. Now, Peter Dering and his colleagues are back with a new project, called Capture Camera Clip v2. It went live on Kickstarter several days ago, despite having a major goal to reach.

The aforementioned target amount was set at $100,000 and it was raised in under three days, as photographers had rushed in securing a unit. The best part about the creators is that the project will be live for 52 more days on Kickstarter, enough time to break some kind of a camera accessory record.

capture-camera-clip-v2-backplate Capture Camera Clip v2 meets Kickstarter goal in three days News and Reviews

Capture Camera Clip v2 PRO also features a new backplate with tripod mount support. The Standard version does not have an aluminum backplace, instead being made out of glass-reinforced nylon.

What is new in Capture Camera Clip v2

Capture Camera Clip v2 comes packed with several novelties. Peak Design says that the new accessory has been reinvented “from the ground up”, using a lot of feedback from the original buyers.

Now, the product will be sold in two versions: Standard and Pro. Both of them are based on an ergonomic design and they are lighter and thinner than the first version.

New security options are in place, too, including a safety lock for the quick-release button and a twist lock, the latter being useful when using the Capture Camera Clip v2 as a tripod clamp.

The basic tripod clip works with both editions, but advanced clamps are only available in the Pro version, along with up to three PROplates. Furthermore, the accessory is compatible with sling straps.

Capture Camera Clip v2 will ship to early birds in August

Since Capture Camera Clip is also aimed at extreme adventurers, it can be attached to a GoPro Hero camera. The GoPro Mount is available and it will be provided for people who pledge more than $95.

The regular version can be secured by anyone who pays $50, while the complete package costs $150. Most people will receive their unit in September 2013, while early birds will get their products in August.

Having raised the necessary funds for the new Capture, it remains to be seen just how big Peak Design’s project can get.

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