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Lightroom Presets



Enter to Win a Tamron Lens 24-70 2.8 VC for Canon, Nikon, or Sony

Here’s your chance to win a Tamron 24-70 lens with image stability – for your Canon, Nikon or Sony SLR.


Lightroom Presets: Use The Secret Import-Export Trick

This blog post will teach you how to create multiple looks with one photo using MCP Enlighten presets.


How to Use the Local Adjustment Brush in Lightroom: Part 2

Learn more tips and tricks to using the local adjustment brush in lightroom….


How to Use The Local Adjustment Brush In Lightroom: Part 1

If you want more control over your edits in Lightroom, learn how to use the local adjustment brush now.


How To Photograph and Quickly Edit Your Family Vacation Photos

Learn what gear to bring and how to edit your family vacation photos.


Using Graduated Filters and Brushes in Lightroom for Bluer Skies

Learn how to use brushes and graduated filters in Lightroom 4 to create beautifully saturated blue skies.


How To Soft Proof in Lightroom for the Best Possible Colors

How To Soft Proof in Lightroom for the Best Colors When you edit in Lightroom, you are in a very large color space called ProPhoto RGB. In simple terms, you get a very large color space which gives you the most flexibility and colors to choose from while editing.  On the surface this sounds like…


Raw Editing Tips: How to Get the Most From Your Photography

Get the most from your photography by learning how to edit your raw files with these quick raw editing tips.

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Enlighten Me: Three Looks One Image With Lightroom 4+ Presets

As you may or may not know, we launched our NEW Lightroom Presets Wednesday.  And in case you missed it, we have a small sample pack for free too. Every time we release a set, I have the privilege of editing some amazing images sent to me by testers and a few photographers I admire.…


Reduce Editing Time with Our Presets for Lightroom 4

You already rely on MCP Actions for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to help you create gorgeous, artistic images with minimal time and effort. Now, we’re offering Lightroom 4 users the same one-click convenience and eye-catching results.


Get Ready – Get Set – Edit Faster! Lightroom 4 Presets Coming Soon

Edit faster with Lightroom 4 presets – just a few clicks to completely transform your images.


Download Our Free Lightroom Presets: Mini Enlighten

Download our free Lightroom presets today! Adjust white balance, revive dull colors, correct exposures and more with just one click.


The Power of Shooting in Raw: Shocking Image Inside

Want proof that you should be shooting in raw? This may seal the deal.


Exporting Photos from Lightroom to a Facebook Business Page

When exporting photos from Lightroom – here’s how to directly publish them to your business page on Facebook.


How to Achieve A Consistent Editing Style in Photoshop And Lightroom

How to Achieve A Consistent Editing Style Are your photos all over the map in terms of editing style? If so, we are here to help! One difference between highly seasoned photographers and newer photographers is often consistency in editing.  Not that you want every photo to be a clone of the one before it,…


Last Chance to Save in 2012: CYBER MONDAY SALE

Once a year we put our entire store of actions and presets on sale. This is our only sale of the year so don’t miss out.


Our One Sale This Year Starts Now! Plus BUY NOW – PAY LATER

Once a year we put our entire store of actions and presets on sale. This is our only sale of the year so don’t miss out.


Quick and Easy Lightroom Color Tweaks

Learn to deepen skies, fix skin-tones and more, using Lightroom’s HSL Panel.


Win a Tamron Lens 24-70 2.8 VC + Photoshop Actions or Lightroom Presets

Here’s your chance to win a Tamron 24-70 lens with image stability – for your Canon, Nikon or Sony SLR.


How to Customize Lightroom Templates and Storyboards

For the first time ever, MCP is making it easy for you to create storyboards and collages from inside of Lightroom. No more going to Photoshop to get things ready for print or the web. Not many people use the print module in Lightroom, and no one that we know of has ever sold a…


New Lightroom Templates and Collages With MCP Lightroom Presets

MCP is making it quicker and easier to showcase your photos in print and for the Web using our new Lightroom Templates. Print Collages Layouts: With MCP Present It for Print Lightroom Presets, you’ll just click and drag images into the templates, customize and upload to your lab. Web Template Layouts: With MCP Display It…


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