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The Pro Photo Lab VS Consumer Photo Lab Battle

This blog post describes the pros and cons of pro photography labs vs. consumer photography labs.


Photo Studio Tour: Behind the Scenes Look at a Small Studio Space

You know how sometimes, things just feel right?  That’s how I felt the first time I walked into the space that I now call my photo studio. It’s an old cottage building (situated among other cottage buildings for businesses in northwest Houston, TX) with a front and back porch and outside stairs to my second-floor…


Shooting In a Niche: Becoming a Boutique Studio

Shooting In a Niche: Becoming a Boutique Studio In my own personal experience, it’s easier to be a photographer when you focus on a single niche instead of trying to shoot anything and everything. Although I do photograph most subjects when asked, I don’t promote myself for them. First, a definition of a boutique studio:…


Should You Include Digital Files in Your Photography Packages

Deciding on whether to include a CD of images in the session fee or not can be difficult. Lets look deeper into both options.


The Importance of Setting Accurate Expectations for Photography Customers

Recently, I received a call from my sister-in-law who had a baby in September. To protect the identity of the baby and photographer, I will refer to the baby as “D” and the photographer as “X”. Her: “I had Baby D’s photo taken but I am not happy with the pictures.” Me: “What aren’t you happy…


Photographer Giveaway: Win an iPad + YouProof

YouProof is a revolutionary new app for the portrait photography industry. In-person proofing has never been as easy, portable or affordable as it is with the YouProof app. To celebrate the release, YouProof creator Ann Bennett will giveaway an iPad and a free download of YouProof!


Workflow and Pricing for Professional Photographers

Learn how to manage your client workflow from the first point of contact until after the shoot and price your photography to perfection.


The Danger of Showing Too Many Images To Your Customers

We take lots of photos during every photo session. How do you know if are presenting the right amount to your client? Follow these tips if you are lost.


How to Make Any Blog Post Better In 5 Minutes Or Less

  You’re thrilled – the perfect photo shoot!  The prettiest accessories!  The jaw-dropping actions that make the colors leap off the page! You’ve spent hours prepping, shooting, culling, editing, re-editing, tweaking, smoothing, and perfecting a set of gleaming images. They’re resized and just as you upload them to the blog, you realize: Shoot.  What do…


How To Rank In Google Search As A Local Photography Business

Interested in how to market yourself online as a photographer? MCP Actions and Jenna Schwartz show you how you can use the internet and organic search to rank your business in search engines and beat up the competition with local search marketing.


3 Common Mistakes Photographers Make With Senior Photography

Senior photography is quickly becoming one of the more coveted markets to be in.  With today’s trends it almost mimic’s fashion photography.  You would think you can’t really go wrong with youthful and excited girls that love to be in front of the camera. But you can. Here’s three common mistakes senior photographers make and…


The Biggest Mistake You Can Make as a Photographer

In our generation, many photographers stumble across their love for photography.  It’s common to hear that a young mother developed her passion when her babies arrived or from photographing her children.  After the new-found love of photography is discovered, many hobbyists decide they should showcase their work on a website, blog, or Facebook page.  Sometimes…


Goodbye Lazer Beams and Green Screens: Unique Sets for School Portrait Business

Why oh why do the big box chain school portrait companies use the green screen method? Creating backdrops that look as if our children are walking through the forest or that they are taking flight in outer space?   This question is one that I have asked myself for the past 9 years.  With a 9th…


5 Steps To A Successful Photography Business

Learn the secret to running a successful photography business.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.50.32 AM

The Secret To Creating Baby Plans That Work: Newborn Photography

Newborn photographer, Amanda Andrews, shares different baby plans that she has tried with her newborn clients. Learn what has and hasn’t worked for her.


How To Make Wedding Expos Work For You

What to do at wedding exhibitions – this blog provides you with a list of tips to get the best from those wedding exhibitions.


User Reviews: How Much Do They Matter

This article takes an example of a user review and tracks it to show how it reached thousands of people, showing the power consumers have online. End users can have considerable control over how a brand is perceived.


5 Steps to Successful Mini Sessions for Professional Photographers

A foolproof, step-by-step guide to running successful minis for professional photographers.


Why It Is Important To Network With Other Photographers

This article will discuss why it is important to network with other photographers. The article provides examples of how to do it as well.


How to Successfully Market Your Photography to High School Seniors

Learn tips to providing the highest quality customer experience to your high school senior customers.


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