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Tips and Tricks to Pose High School Seniors Naturally

When it comes to posing clients, my job, as the photographer, is:
(1) To help my subject to relax so that she will be comfortable and confident
(2) To understand what positions and lighting will be most flattering.
(3) To consciously avoid things that will be distracting or unflattering.


How to Restart a Photography Business Due to Relocation (For Military Families and More)

Relocating a photography business can be a daunting but these tips will help you get re-established in your new location.

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Successful Senior Photography: Specializing within the Senior Market

Photographers can choose to specialize and become experts at a particular type of photography – and people are willing to pay a premium to work with experts. If you specialize in senior pictures, that’s a good start, but specializing within the senior market is even better!


10 Tips to Successful Senior Photography: Relating to High School Seniors

To be a really successful portrait photographer, you’ve got to be able to relate to your clients. If your clients don’t feel comfortable around you then their pictures won’t turn out well. Most of us can easily relate to adults, but may have trouble relating to seniors. “Kids theses days!” 😉


Successful Senior Photography Tips: Breaking into the Market

Senior photography can be a very profitable business, but it can also be a difficult market to break into. There are plenty of high school seniors out there but it can be a challenge figuring out how to reach them. But there is one very important key to reaching seniors…


Be More Productive: Making Email Templates For Photographers

Learn how to cut down on your time spent writing and responding to e-mails, so you can have more time to take pictures.


How to Become a Professional Photographer

When it comes to photography, the difference between a hobby and a profession is whether or not you’re making a living as a professional photographer.

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Why Photography Studios Should Specialize

If you are a photographer trying to make a go of it as a full time or even a part time career, the lesson for this post boils down to this: Find what you do best, focus on it, and eliminate the rest. You will be happier, your clients will be happier, and you will be more successful.


3 Secrets to Keep Clients Coming Back

Get photography clients through three simple steps. Create amazing images, develop an amazing experience and stay in front of your clients all year.


How To Make More Money By Selling Custom Photography Products

Make more money by providing your clients with the products they will love and share with others. Custom photography products make the difference.


Are You Making Mistakes Regarding Watermarking Your Photos?

Most photographers add a watermark or logo on their photos. Is this the best thing to do? Or are you making a mistake? learn now!


How and Why to Have a Post-Processing Workflow

Why having a written post processing workflow is non-negotiable.


The Key to Successful Photography is Working With Others

Collaboration is the key to successful photography. Find out how to develop these relationships and improve your photography.


8 Steps to Improve Your Photography Website

If you want a better photography website presence, follow these tips to get started.


The Art of Blogging for Your Photography Business

  Blogging and photography go hand-in-hand – after all it’s one of the best (free!) marketing tools for your business. That is, as long as it’s used to its full potential. But just how exactly do you make the most of your blog? While showcasing your talent, sessions and images is important, your blog shouldn’t…


How the New Facebook Algorithm Affects Your Photography Page

Don’t let Facebook Algorithm changes hurt your photography business. Here’s what you can do to reverse the impact.


3 Tips for Creating Your Own Behind-The-Scenes Photo Shoot Video

I recently published a Behind the Scenes video to Vimeo of a fashion photo shoot I did at Motor City Casino in Detroit.  After the emotional high wore off from producing it, I sat down with my creative team to begin planning the next video.  We spent a lot of time discussing the types of…


5 Plugins Every Photographer Should Be Using

There are so many WordPress plugins for photographers out there.  No matter what people say is the best, including this article; the key is to find the ones that work best for you. Of course, all I can do is recommend and hope that you take the advice and roll with it. In this article,…


3 Tips For Generating Article Topics for Your Photography Blog

In this article, I am going to discuss three different methods for coming up with content ideas for your photography blog.  You will read about tools and also something that every photographer should be doing already using engagement. As the main blogger for a company who develops WordPress themes for photographers, it can be challenging…


Battling the Resistance Monster Hurting Your Photography

If you lack self-confidence and deal with a resistance monster in your head, here are ways to banish it forever.


Shooting For YOU! Creating A Portfolio That Reflects Your True Style

Don’t shoot your images because you have to, photograph the subjects you want to. Here’s tips to help you build a portfolio you will be proud of.


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