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MCP Actions™ puts the most interesting photo projects in the limelight. Inspiration is only one click away! We are all photography fans and we want to see what others are creating. Photographers form a creative bunch and the most amazing photo projects are right here for you. We can bring you in the limelight of photographic excellence by exposing awe-inspiring artwork to you!


Life of Leisuire

Life of Leisure: what our generation will wear when they retire

Have you ever wondered what you will look like when you get older? Or what you will wear? Photographer Alex de Mora is attempting to envision the future, so he is showing what our generation will wear when they get older. Life of Leisure is a project hinting that we will prefer “leisurewear” over other style of outfits.

Not being brave enough

“Which Is Your Biggest Regret?” project by Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi

What would you do if a complete stranger comes to you, asks you “which is your biggest regret?”, asks you to write it down, and asks you to pose with the answer for a photo? Well, artist Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi is that complete stranger and she has managed to find willing subjects for her awesome portrait photo project.

Madd Stunts Brandon Hill

Cute photos of toddler performing “Madd Stunts”

A Seattle-based photographer is putting his infant son into all kinds of dangerous situations. However, you need not worry, as it is all photoshopped and part of a cute photo series called “Madd Stunts”. Maddex is Brandon Hill’s toddler, who seems to enjoy the photo shoots as well as being a daredevil for this project.

Georgiy: 33 years old

100 Years: The Russian Portrait by Keen Heick-Abildhauge

Danish photographer Keen Heick-Abildhauge has decided to create a project that would prove that the stereotypes about the Russian people are wrong. The artist has created the “100 Years: The Russian Portrait” black-and-white photo series consisting of portraits of Russian people aged one to 100 and their passions.

girl with glasses

Persona: learn more about people by looking at their personal items

Photographer Jason Travis is proposing something different for getting to know his friends as well as complete strangers. The artist has created the “Persona” photo project, which consists of compositions of a subject’s portrait and the items used on a daily basis by the subject. The results are intriguing and worth a closer look.


Bogdan Girbovan’s “10/1” project shows just how different we are

A Romanian artist has created a thought-provoking photo series that documents the mix of social classes in a 10-storey apartment block located in Bucharest, Romania. Bogdan Girbovan has captured 10 photos from the same angle of 10 single-room flats, which are identical and placed on one another for the 10/1 project.

The Last Book

“The Last Book” project: taking photos of people reading on the subway

A Dutch photographer has ridden the New York City subway for 13 weeks during a period of three years. His goal was to create a photo project documenting the physical books that people were reading while riding the metro. Reinier Gerritsen has captured hundreds of photos in order to create the amazing “The Last Book” series.

Singapore beauty

The Atlas Of Beauty: photos of beautiful women from around the world

Beauty means to be authentic, to be yourself, and to keep alive your origins and your culture. This is what Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc says. In order to prove that her statement is accurate, the artist is traveling around the world to capture portraits of beautiful women for her project called “The Atlas Of Beauty”.

Behind Photographs

Behind Photographs project: a tribute to iconic photographers

“Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends” is a portrait photo project by Tim Mantoani. The artist is documenting the photographers behind some iconic photos that are known all over the world. Captured using a 20×24 Polaroid camera, the project consists of portraits of the photographers holding their images.

Malice of Alice

Mother bonds with daughter in “Malice of Alice” photo project

A few years ago, James and Kelly Lewis adopted a 7-year-old girl, who had already been adopted by six other families. In order to bond with the little girl, professional photographer Kelly Lewis has started the “Malice of Alice” photo project, which consists of portraits of Alice cosplaying her favorite fictional characters.


Monodramatic: haunting photos of clones exploring the world

What would you do if you found out that there are many clones of yourself? Photographer Daisuke Takakura is exploring the “self” concept using clone photography in a project entitled “Monodramatic”. The series features multiple clones of the same person interacting with one another within the same scene.

Father's Day

Amazing children photography by mother-of-six Lucia Staykov

Here is another fine example of children photography! This time, it comes from photographer Lucia Staykov, a mother of six children: a boy, twin boys, and triplet girls. The artist has recently picked up a camera, but she captures portraits like a pro. Check out her amazing photos, which could serve as an inspiration for any parent!

Bear Castle

Surreal photo manipulations of animals by Tomek Zaczeniuk

Human life could not thrive without animals, says photographer Tomek Zaczeniuk. In order to pay a tribute to mother nature for providing a place for the artist to live in, Tomek is the author of an impressive series of photo manipulations of animals. The results are simply astonishing and you should not miss them!

12 Bears of Christmas

12 Beards of Christmas: men with Xmas decorations in their beards

People all over the world decide to decorate their homes during the holidays season. The Christmas sweater is the first step towards decorating themselves, but photographer Stephanie Jarstad has decided to go one step further through the “12 Beards of Christmas” project, which consists of men who have ornaments in their beards.

Elegance by Ed Gordeev

Mesmerizing photos by Ed Gordeev that look like paintings

If you love rain and art, then you will surely love the photos captured by photographer Ed Gordeev. The St. Petersburg-based artist is capturing photos of rainy cityscapes that look like paintings. Using creativity and a little bit of editing, the results are mesmerizing and will make you want to start exploring the city in harsh weather.

Theodore's Adventure: meeting a polar bear

Amazingly cute photos of 10-month-old Theodore’s adventure

A Vienna-based bank employee was looking for something to help her kill time. Her creativity has pushed her to photography and Photoshop, which has resulted into “Theodore’s Adventure”. This project consists of cute photos of the exciting adventures of her 10-month-old son, Theodore.

Symmetry Breakfast: Brioche Pain Perdue

Symmetry Breakfast: amazing photos of symmetrical meals

If you have not eaten anything yet or if you are looking for a meal inspiration, then you have come to the right place. We present you the “Symmetry Breakfast” project, which consists of photos of symmetrical breakfasts cooked or bought and arranged by photographer Michael Zee for himself and his boyfriend.

Dog and Lev Tolstoi

Poetic Dogs: portraits of dogs next to famous writers

Dogs will love you so much that it will touch your heart forever. The same thing can be said about a good book. Italian photographer Dan Bannino has noticed the same thing, so he has created a great photo project, called Poetic Dogs, which consists of portraits of dogs juxtaposed next to renowned writers.

Elizabeth Gadd

Ethereal landscape photos with people in them by Elizabeth Gadd

Photographer Elizabeth Gadd has learned photography all by herself. The self-taught artist is based in Vancouver, Canada, so you could say that she has a keen eye for landscape photography. However, she has traveled to many other places in order to capture majestic “landscapey photos with people in them”.

Daughter Does My Makeup

“Daughter Does My Makeup” series questions beauty standards

There are some impossible beauty standards to meet in today’s society and this issue is particularly affecting women. Canadian photographer Elly Heise has set on a question to question these beauty standards by allowing young girls to apply make-up to their mothers for the “Daughter Does My Makeup” photo project.

John and Wolf

Touching photos of the adventures of John and Wolf

A dog is a man’s best friend, they say. In order to prove that the bond between humans and dogs is unbreakable, illustrator John Stortz and rescue dog Wolfgang have gone on an adventure across the US. The story of the duo has been captured on camera by John, who is documenting their travels courtesy of photography.


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