MCP Actions™ puts the most interesting photo projects in the limelight. Inspiration is only one click away! We are all photography fans and we want to see what others are creating. Photographers form a creative bunch and the most amazing photo projects are right here for you. We can bring you in the limelight of photographic excellence by exposing awe-inspiring artwork to you!

Life of Leisure: what our generation will wear when they retire

“Which Is Your Biggest Regret?” project by Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi

Cute photos of toddler performing “Madd Stunts”

100 Years: The Russian Portrait by Keen Heick-Abildhauge

Persona: learn more about people by looking at their personal items

Bogdan Girbovan’s “10/1” project shows just how different we are

“The Last Book” project: taking photos of people reading on the subway

The Atlas Of Beauty: photos of beautiful women from around the world

Behind Photographs project: a tribute to iconic photographers

Mother bonds with daughter in “Malice of Alice” photo project

Monodramatic: haunting photos of clones exploring the world

Amazing children photography by mother-of-six Lucia Staykov

Surreal photo manipulations of animals by Tomek Zaczeniuk

12 Beards of Christmas: men with Xmas decorations in their beards

Mesmerizing photos by Ed Gordeev that look like paintings

Amazingly cute photos of 10-month-old Theodore’s adventure

Symmetry Breakfast: amazing photos of symmetrical meals

Poetic Dogs: portraits of dogs next to famous writers

Ethereal landscape photos with people in them by Elizabeth Gadd

“Daughter Does My Makeup” series questions beauty standards

Touching photos of the adventures of John and Wolf