MCP Actions™ puts the most interesting photo projects in the limelight. Inspiration is only one click away! We are all photography fans and we want to see what others are creating. Photographers form a creative bunch and the most amazing photo projects are right here for you. We can bring you in the limelight of photographic excellence by exposing awe-inspiring artwork to you!

Malkovich: Homage to photographic masters by Sandro Miller

Le grand silence: the touching story of a young shepherd

Amazing surreal portrait photos by Rosie Hardy

FILMography: Artist recreates movie scenes in real-life locations

Alienation: upside-down portrait photos by Anelia Loubser

Amazing, ethereal worlds created by artist Erik Johansson

Lisa Holloway captures dreamy portraits of her 10 children

Indonesia’s smoking affair detailed in “Marlboro Boys” project

Dramatic before-and-after portraits of live-performing artists

“The Vintage Project” is a tribute to 20th century’s fashion

“Fiction Happens” puts fictional characters in the real world

David Waldorf’s striking photos of life in a trailer park

Metamorfoza: combined portraits of two different people

Todd Baxter’s “Project Astoria” depicts an utopian future

“China: The Human Price of Pollution” striking photo series by Souvid Datta

Stunning aerial photos in the “Summer over the city” project by George Steinmetz

Epic photos of a wedding in Iceland by Gabe McClintock

Children facing bedroom monsters in “Terreurs” photo series

The majestic artworks in an African village by Rita Willaert

“The Farm Family” project portrays animals like humans

Wesley Armson and his adorable photos of his two sons