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First Photoshop Texture Overlay

Photoshop Texture Overlays: More Useful than you may Know

  Most photographers probably don’t think of Photoshop texture overlays as photo editing tools. They’re more for special effects and creating digital art, right? It’s true that those are common applications for them. Textures can be used in more subtle ways to enhance your photos, though. Let’s look at some examples of using them in…


How to Edit Your Disney “Frozen” Costume Photos This Halloween

If you want to recreate the Disney movie Frozen, in your photos, here’s a quick tutorial to help.


Easy Ways to Add Pizzazz To Blank Walls in Photoshop

You can spice up your boring photography backdrops digitally! Use MCP actions to create any look you can imagine, follow this easy five step DIY.

Receiving her first round of chemotherapy

One Inspiring Story of a Photographer Documenting Her Mom’s Cancer Treatment

When crisis strikes, take action with your photos. This photographer documented her mom’s struggles throughout her cancer treatment.


How to Create a Disney “Frozen” Fantasy Photo

If you want to recreate the Disney movie Frozen, in your photos, here’s a quick tutorial to help.


Free Photoshop Action — to Support Cancer Awareness

Download this free Photoshop action now – to help enhance your images and bring awareness to cancer.


Instantly Make Your Photos Look Better on the Web

Have you ever wondered why your photos look terrible online when they looked amazing in Photoshop? The way your photos look often relies heavily on the specific website or social media platform where you upload the images. Compression saves space and many places on the web, especially formats like Facebook, compress heavily.  We have FREE…


How to Photograph and Edit a Snowflake + A Free Sparkle Brush

As the first snowflakes touched down here in Ontario, Canada I snuck outside to snap a few quick shots on my back deck. The snowflakes were big and fluffy and moving very slow, and didn’t last more than a minute or so once they landed. I have been playing around with macro free lensing and…


Using Photoshop Actions to Bring Out Beautiful Spring Color

Using a variety of Photoshop actions and techniques can really draw out color in a landscape and enhance the spring colors.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.44.27 AM

NOW AVAILABLE: MCP Texture Play Overlays PLUS a Free Gift!

75 amazing texture overlays enhance your images in Photoshop and Elements.


Free Patriotic Photoshop Template * Perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July

*** FLAG IN A FLASH *** Enjoy our Free Patriotic Photoshop Template for Memorial Day, Independence Day/4th of July, Veteran’s Day and beyond. This is a very special freebie for Photoshop and Elements called “Flag in a Flash.” It was first introduced four years ago as a Photoshop action.  We are bringing it back this…

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 2.50.07 PM

Troubleshooting Photoshop Actions in CS6: Background Not Available

Fix actions that appear to break when using Photoshop CS6. Free Photoshop action included here.


Editing Backlit Images With Photoshop Actions

Quick, easy edits for backlit photos … learn the steps now.


Subtle Photo Editing With Photoshop Actions Make A Big Difference

When you nail your exposure, white balance and focus, editing is a breeze using Photoshop actions. Learn quick steps to make your photos pop.


Which Photoshop Actions Recipe Do You Prefer?

Which edit do you like best – come critique and pick your favorite.


Learn To Install Photoshop Actions Into PS CS-CS5+ The Best Way

Try these easy steps to get your Photoshop actions installed. Then start using them to improve your images.


Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers: Top 12 for $50 or Less

If you are looking for fun, unusual gifts for the photographers in your life, you need to check out this amazing list of gift ideas – for the holidays, birthdays and any other occasion.


How to Share Your Photos on the MCP Facebook Wall

Come share your photos and inspire photographers all over the world.


How to Download Our Free Actions, Presets & Goodies from Facebook

Want lots of great free stuff for Photoshop and Lightroom? You’ve come to the right place.


Instantly Make Facebook Photos Better with Free Photoshop Actions

If your photos look bad on Facebook, we have your fix. MCP’s free Facebook Fix Photoshop actions will help make your photos more presentable.


Polish and Protect Your Images Using Photoshop Actions

Polish and Protect Your Images Using Photoshop Actions When it comes to online presentation of photos, photographers often ask me “how can I protect my images for the web?” or “How can I make my photographs look great for the web.” There are many different tools and Photoshop actions to help photographers quickly prepare photos…


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