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Blueprints from a few Fans of MCP (editing with a tutu & hat on top)

Today’s blueprints are provided by Gina Neary and Tracy Joy, co-founders of Prop Insanity. All the featured props in their pics are part of their Prop Insanity site and most are available for purchase at their online shop featuring an array of great designers! These Blueprints were fully edited by them using MCP Actions. Occasionally I will…


Blueprint – Enhancing a Senior Photograph Using MCP Photoshop Actions

Here is a beautiful senior girl.  This shot was well exposed with nice depth of field.  You can see how a few minor changes and cropping takes a good photo and makes it great – using a few MCP Photoshop Actions.


MCP Blueprint – How RAW saved this shot and Photoshop Actions made it Better

  This week’s photo comes from Fix It Friday at I Heart Faces. I participate as a contributor there periodically.  This particular photo needed lots of help as it was severely underexposed but had a sunspot too.  I do most of my work in Photoshop as you know, but will use Adobe Camera Raw or…


Blueprint: Magic Blog It Board & Print It Board Photoshop Actions Shares

This week instead of sharing editing “Blueprints” I am sharing a great way to display images on the web (with the help of a few customers and fans.) The blueprint itself: “click play on the photoshop action and follow the directions as your photos almost magically insert themselves into a storyboard collage template.  A minute…


Recognize the Person in Today’s Before and After Blueprint?

Yep – I figured today I would subject myself to a little “Blueprint” action.  I still remember the days of getting carded and being told I look so young.  Well those days are “past tense” I think.  I am now 37 and starting to look and feel my age. Here is a photo of me before and after some…


Blueprint – Jumping for Joy {plus send in your own blueprint}

This week’s blueprint makes me excited for Spring, where you can get outdoors and enjoy life. As always I love feedback and opinions on the editing, as every edit will not appeal to all. MCP wants your blueprints too.  If you are an MCP Actions user and want to submit your blueprint, please email it…


MCP Blueprint – Giving Dimension and Life to This Photo

This week’s MCP Blueprint photo is one where a little “action” made a lot of difference, but where it does not have an overly processed look, as it did the past few weeks. This shot I took of this high school senior was properly exposed but lacked dimesion and vibrancy.  With a few clicks and a…


MCP Blueprint – Oh Baby Baby – Make Me Pop

This before photo was sent in from a customer.  What a cute, fun photo. I just had to play and see what I could do with it – to make it more dramatic. Overall I loved the straight out of camera.  It just needed some more pop and depth.  Plus the colors were a little cool.…


MCP Blueprint – Similar Shot – Different Conversion

Here is a similar but not matching shot to last Friday’s “Blueprint.”  I wanted to show you how you can take similar lighting and transform the photo with a different mode and look.  Which you prefer will depend largely on your style and taste.  I am more a “color gal” so I prefer the one…


MCP Blueprint – ruined photo into something printable (why to shoot Raw)

One of my customers sent in her plays on a photo.  She actually had sent this to me to use in the All About Curves Workshop she attended.  During the workshop I explained that it was wa too blown out and overexposed – and that her only possible chance for saving it was if she…


Blueprints * A New Photo Makeover Segment on the MCP Blog

*** We are over 300 on comments from yesterday – I will let a few more of you get in on the fun – as I really want the feedback.  I will pick a winner for both the MCP $50 and the Huge Branding Prize from SnapBrand on Sunday.  So go comment if you have not…


Fix It Friday – a fun Before and After Share – with Instructions

I am a Judge and Contributor to a great site called I Heart Faces.  And every week they have a photo they send to a few people to work on a before and after shot.  I participate when I can.  This week’s edit was unique for me.  I am not usually all about the text. …


Problem Photo: One Customer’s Fix

I had to share this letter and before and after photo I received from one of my fans.  I hope it can help you with one of your problem photos. Hey Mrs. Jodi,   Here is an extreme problem photo. My batteries were running low in my sb600 so the power was half staff and the…


Quick Fan Share

One of my customers, Tricia of Hayden Burns Photography, just sent me her play with the new MCP All in the Details action set.  I loved it so much, that I did a few more plays and made an example for my site from them.  Just wanted to share with all of you on the…


Customer Share with Step by Step Tutorial on Before to After

Gina Neary of Pea Head Prints sent in two incredible before and after shots and with her permission I am sharing them here.  In addition, after each she wrote briefly what steps she did to achieve these after shots.  I hope this inspires and teaches some of you how one of my customers is using…


Photo Makeover | Fixing a major color cast | OnOne PhotoTunes 2

Here is a photo I edited for a photographer. She had some issues but the family really wanted to be able to order an 11×14 print. There were two ways I tried to fix this. One was manually in Photoshop using curves and working on each color channel – and tweaking with hue/saturation adjustment layers.…


My “American Girls” plus a before & after with editing directions

Here are my twins plus their twin American Girl dolls. They went to an “American Girl” themed charity tea to raise money for our children’s hospital.  I snapped these before they left with my mother in law. They had a fantastic time.  They love watching sports and playing with dolls too.  What can I say, they have diverse interests.…


Photo Makeover – getting rid of terrible stretch marks in photoshop

  Today I was reading some posts on a forum, and a photographer had a question.  “How can I get rid of these terrible stretch marks on my client’s belly?”  In real life I cannot say, but in Photoshop, it is a relatively easy task.  Below I have shown you the before belly with dark…


Watch Me Work – {creating many looks for one image}

Today I will teach you how to use SCREEN SHOTS in my Watch Me Work session. You will learn to take one photo and try multiple looks with it utilizing screen shots.  Then you can pick your favorite version(s) and save them. Here is one play, using the Quickie Collection Photoshop Actions Set – with…


MCP to the Rescue- “can you fix my red faced child?”

 MCP Actions Website | MCP Flickr Group | MCP Reviews MCP Actions Quick Purchase   MCP TO THE RESCUE – PHOTO MAKEOVER “Help – I ruined this shot.  Can you save it?” from an MCP Training Customer  Answer: While it is not always best to save photos, and is better to get it right in camera, sometimes…


Photo Makeover for HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS | Skin * Eyes * And a whole lot of contrast

 Today I was doing one of my “One on one” photoshop trainings. These photos are all “seniors” that Melissa G. Photography shot.  She wanted to work on these as each had problems.  These were photos in her, “I like them, but they are not quite right” pile. She owns all of my “MCP Actions” and so I showed…


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