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Photography Techniques



Tips on Professional Photography in Medical and Health Industry

It is not an easy task to produce quality images of the healthcare and medical industries, but it is often times an important need. In order to create useful images of this specialty, you need to get the assistance of professional photographers who are well experienced and skilled in this portfolio. It requires specific tools…

Photography Project Ideas

14 Original Photography Project Ideas

If you’re struggling to think of ideas for a new photography project then you’re not alone, creative block is common with photographers and in fact anyone dabbling in any form of art, but don’t worry because with a bit of inspiration we’ll get your creative juices flowing again. #1 The 365 Day Project This project…


How to Take Kirlian Photos: My Step by Step Process

How to Take Kirlian Photos: My Step by Step Process Disclaimer: This article represents only the author’s point of view. Because this technique implies high-voltage, recommends you to be very careful, especially if you are a beginner photographer.Kirlian technique has been a mystery for a long time. Some people still believe that magic forces…


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