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Why You Should Invest in Canon’s Affordable 50mm 1.8 Lens

Not being able to afford expensive lenses might be very discouraging for you. Even worse, it could be preventing you from approaching clients for fear of looking silly with your limited equipment. The world of expensive camera gear might seem like a sweet, impossible dream. But is having a ton of equipment really the only…


How to Have Fun and Successful Family Shoots

The key to having successful family photoshoots is comfortability, creativity, and a plethora of patience. This might sound like a long list of intimidating demands, but it’s far from problematic if you look at it from the understanding photographers’ point of view. Family shoots can be exceedingly fun and uplifting if both you and your…


What to Do When You’re out of Inspiration

We all go through phases of creative drought from time to time. Though they’re very natural phenomenons, especially in the world of artists, they can be very discouraging. They sneakily tell us that we’ll never find valuable inspiration again and that our best photographs have already been taken. This, of course, is a lie not…


How to Have Comfortable Client Shoots

We can all agree that comfortable client shoots are a dream. There’s nothing better than having an agreeable client who feels confident in your presence and smoothly collaborates with you. Though dreaming about scenarios of this sort is pleasant, there’s a way to make them come true. Every shoot, regardless of how stressful or complicated…


5 Shots a beginner photographer absolutely CAN take

When I first started considering photography and the different sort of photos that I wanted to take, I was a little put out. It seemed like every article I read did nothing but tell me that my kit lens would be terrible and need an immediate upgrade, or that I would need to travel to…


12 Awesome Photography Genres for Both the Professional and the Hobbyist

With the click of a shutter, we’re able to capture the world before us. Photography allows us to preserve the history of any moment in time. This is why photography is so beloved by many. And with the advent of smartphone technology, almost anyone can be a photographer. There are many forms of photography—many with…

close up of a mother and newborn baby

Photographing Newborns Your Own Way

Finding your newborn style while  . There seems to be a trend of propping babies up in jaunty poses, everyone wrapping them in the same nude gauze and holding up their heads or curling them up in baskets. If that highly propped and posed look is your thing, go for it! But there’s nothing saying…

High School Senior Guy Posing

10 Practical Tips for Posing Seniors for Portraits

Need help with posing seniors?  Check out the MCP™ Senior Posing Guides, filled with tips and tricks for photographing high school seniors. Flattering Posing for Senior Photography by guest blogger Sandi Bradshaw Hi ya’ll! Today I’m going to chat at you a little bit about posing. For most photographers, posing seems to be one of those love it…

Easter Fifth Avenue, NY, 2016

How to take photos at night – Part II: Enhancing the image

In Part I of this series, I explained the basics of achieving a well-balanced night photograph to maintain detail in the important highlights and shadow areas.  In this post, we are going one step further and discussing some techniques to embellish the night photo. Adding color traffic blurs: This technique requires a long exposure so…


Using Foreground To Add depth To Your Photography

Life is rarely framed as neatly as we compose our photos. Sometimes that’s exactly what we love about photography – it lends a frame to a piece of life that we might otherwise miss, it elevates the moment. But sometimes, that neat framing removes us from the feeling of the moment all together. One way to…


How to take photos at night – Part I

Nighttime always seems to add interest and excitement to photographs, particularly when photographing cities with interesting lights. One reason for this is that the darkness tends to hide what we don’t want to see, while the lights usually add emphasis to areas of importance. There are a few guidelines on how to take photos at…


Capturing Candid Moments When Photographing Children

There’s nothing more unnatural than the crusty position of a child’s mouth while he groans “cheeeeese” for the 18th time in a row. The moments most worth capturing are ones that have a breath of reality, spontaneity, and whimsy to them. There are a couple simple techniques, way better than yelling cheese, for capturing that…

An example of how subject distance from background can affect background blur

Want Blurred Backgrounds in Your Photos: Try These Four Tips

Learn how to get your blurred backgrounds for your photos the quick and easy way.

Image of DSLR and lens showing the autofocus switch

How To Get Perfect Focus Every Time

Learn to nail your focus every time. You’ll get sharpener pictures one you learn how to apply these easy-to-follow techniques.


5 Tips for Shooting Macro Water Droplets

Looking to mix things up with your photography? Try this fun macro photo activity that won’t break the bank!


5 Tips to get Your Customers Ready for Spring Family Portraits

  5 Tips to get Your Customers Ready for Spring Family Portraits I’ll wager a bet that most of us are eagerly awaiting Spring. This winter has certainly been an extreme one! Between the subzero temperatures, snow blizzards and being cooped up indoors, we are ready for sounds of birds chirping, warmer temperatures and bursts…

Large Bridal Party

5 Tips to Keep Clients Smiling and Energetic Through the Photoshoot

Follow these tips to build a better rapport with your clients, be early, smile, keep things moving and more.


5 Tips to Help Your Customers Feel More Confident In Front of the Camera

Use these simple tips to help customer stay loose and confident throughout their shoot.

Flower Macrophotography

6 Steps For Better Macro Photography

Learn what you need to know in order to successfully shoot your first images of flowers in macro photography.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 4.01.34 PM

How to Photograph the Northern Lights

If you want incredible images of the Northern Lights, follow along with this tutorials to capture beautiful photos.


Editing Images Taken with a DIY Reflector

Here’s some editing we did to enhance these images we took after using the DIY reflector — to make them pop even more.


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