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Photography Tips



Dollar Store Lighting for Photographers on a Budget

Using a simple DIY reflector fill board from a dollar store, you can get professional lighting results cheaply and easily.


When is Magic Hour, Really?

Don’t limit your shooting to the magic hour — learn how to get great images at any time of day with these quick tips.

MCP After Inspire

Family Session edited with MCP INSPIRE

Quickly make your images pop using the MCP Inspire Photoshop actions. Here’s how.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.44.45 PM

Don’t Be Afraid of Winter Photography – Tips for Shooting Amazing Portraits in the Snow

Shooting in the snow and winter is difficult – but these tips will help you get amazing portraits in the winter – quickly and easily!

How to get a great Birthday Candles photo

How to Get the Birthday Candles Photography Shot

Tips to get good pictures of your child blowing out birthday candles.

How to get a great shot of your child by the Christmas Tree

5 Tips for Photographing Your Child in Front of a Christmas Tree

Step-by-step instruction for taking a beautiful picture of your child in front of the christmas tree

by pArt of Life Photography LLC

How to Photograph the Vibrant Glowing Christmas Lights

Learn to photograph Christmas lights using aperture to control the outcome. Get the looks you want quick and easy.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.52.07 PM

A Fun DIY Menorah or Christmas Tree Photography Activity

Get custom shaped holiday bokeh from holiday lights — follow our DIY Do It Yourself tutorial now.

Featured Picture

3 Simple Steps to Get Shallow Depth of Field in Your Photos

Learn some beginner photography tips on how to achieve the shallow depth of field effect in your photos.

Seniors at Beach Edited

Step-by-Step Edit of an Image From a Beach Photo Session

Quick and easy Beach Photo Edit with using Photoshop actions.


Tap Into Your Strength and Passion to Create Stronger Photos

If you want to create stronger photos, dig deep into your passions and use that to drive your photography. Here’s how.

Lunar Eclipse Over Boulder Flatirons

How to Photograph the Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

Here’s some tips and insight on getting photos of the moon during the lunar eclipse.


How to Edit Maternity Photos with Photoshop Actions

If you struggle to get the warm, sunlight images — try these steps next time you edit maternity photos.

How to photograph underwater

Underwater Photography for Beginners

Simple tips and tricks on how to achieve beautiful underwater photography. How to pose your model, choose gear and edit for maximum impact and creativity.

extended backdrop beyond the existing backdrop

Use The Creative Process to Improve Your Photography Skills

The creative process can be used to improve your photographic skills. Here’s a project that can inspire you to try something similar soon.

night photography, Milky Way, panoramic, how-to

How the Moon Impacts Night Photography

Learn the best times of the month to capture night photography – and how the moon impacts your images.


6 Tips for Capturing Great Wedding Photos

Every set of lovebirds has a unique story to tell. Here are our top tips to telling an adorable wedding day love story.


5 Reasons to Travel with a Smaller Camera on Family Vacations

Next time to you travel on a family vacation, decide if that bulky, heavy camera gear is truly the best choice… And consider leaving it behind.

Use MCP's Manual Color Switcher action to get rid of color casts quickly and easily.

How to Vanish Color Casts using MCP Actions

There are many ways to correct color casts, but one quick way for great results is using the Manual Color Switcher action from MCP’s Inspire set. Watch this video to see how you can get quick and effective results too.


The Poor Photographer’s Guide to Macro Photography

This is an easy, low budget way to get close-up shots without owning a macro lens. Learn this fun, effective method now.

Example of light from sliding glass door

How to Take Better Photos By Finding and Using Light in Your Home

Learn how using light, both natural and artificial light sources in your home, can create great photos.


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